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World AIDS Day December 1st 2006

World Aids Day

The last day of Classes

Today was the last day of classes. The final exams are scheduled.It was an ok day today. The weather is really lousy. It is raining as the first major cold front is making its way into central Canada. The temperatures will drop to zero tonight and snow is expected over the next few days. I am excited about this latest evolution in my life, I really like this new home. It is sleek clean and user friendly.

Please bear with us as we iron out all the kinks and bugs. The Graffiti Pad contest begins tomorrow so please go vote for me – over at “The Pad” support people like NDG and ICG because they are good people. At least I got the 2 buttons I wanted working on this first night of operations. The links are all active. If you don’t see your link on the sidebar, please by all means let me know.

We won’t have that busy busy sidebar any longer. I like this sleek looking template.

Welcome to my living room. I hope we will have fun here as always.

I am off to bed, I am pooped.

The Beginning of Something New

Welcome to the Evolution of Jeremiah. The new Blog for the New year. I hope you will enjoy this presentation and update your blogs accordingly.