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Christian Thought – Feuerbach…


I have a few questions for you to ponder and maybe we can discuss them. We begin tonight’s class with the meaning of the “Incarnation.” And the writing of Ludwig Feuerbach, and his thesis on the incarnation as the inspiration for his writing. Is Feuerbach influenced by his religion of origin, and where does his writing originate? The position of standing in the middle of two sides, on one side is the Christian traditional model and the other, the almost atheistic denial of God. Feuerbach has evolved from his Christian origins to question the institution and to ask us to see God from another angle.

He supposes and I spoke about this, that in the incarnation of God into human form, the location of God becomes present, he becomes local, the distance between the human and God disappears. The models we place attributions to – those persons we deify, and place in the heavens disappear. If God becomes man in the person of Jesus Christ, he becomes one of us. And if Christians are taught to love as Christ has loved, and we internalize the teachings of Christ, and we become Christ, then subsequently Christ disappears…

The Mystery of the Incarnation – Feuerbach.

Here lies the emphasis, the fundamental feeling of religion. The love of God makes me loving; the love of God to man is the cause of man’s love to God; the diving love causes, awakens human love. “We love God because he first loved us.” What, then, is it that I love in God. Love; love to man. But when I love and worship the love with which God loves man, do I not love man; is not my love of God, though indirectly, love of man? If god loves man, in not man, then, the very substance of God? That which I love, is not my inmost being? Have I a heart when I do not love? No! love only is the heart of man. But what is love without the thing loved? Thus what I love is my heart, the substance of my being, my nature…

Thus, if God loves man, man is the heart of God – the welfare of man his deepest anxiety. If man then, is the object of God, is not man, in God, an object to himself? Is not the content of the divine nature the human nature? If God is love, is not the essential content of this love man? Is not the love of God to man – the basis and central point of religion – the love of man to himself made an object, contemplated as the highest objective truth, as the highest being to man? Is not then the proposition “God loves man” an oriental-ism (religion is essentially Oriental), which in lain speech means, the highest is the love of man?

The Contradiction of Faith and Love…

God is the human being; but he presents himself to the religious consciousness as a distinct being. Now, that which reveals the basis, the hidden essence of religion is Love; that which constitutes its conscious form is faith. Love identifies man with God and God with man, consequently it identifies man with man; faith separates God from man, consequently it separates man from man, for God is nothing else than the idea of the species invested with a mystical form – the separation of God from man is therefore the separation of man from man, the unloosening of the social bond. By faith religion places itself in contradiction with morality, with reason, with the unsophisticated sense of truth in man; by love it opposes itself again to this contradiction.

Faith isolates God, it makes him a particular, distinct being; Love universalizes, it makes God a common being, the love of whom is one with the love of man. Faith produces in man an inward disunion, a disunion with himself, and by consequence an outward disunion also; but love heals the wounds which are made by faith in the heart of man. Faith makes belief in its God a law; love is freedom -it condemns not even the atheist, because it is itself atheistic, itself denies, if not theoretically, at least practically, the existence of a particular, individual God, opposed to man.

Love has God in itself; faith has God out of itself, it estranges God from man, it makes him an external object.

… Faith is essentially intolerant; essentially, because with faith is always associated the illusion that its cause is the cause of God, its honor his honor. The God of faith is nothing else that the objective nature of Faith – faith becomes an object to itself. Hence in the religious consciousness also the cause of faith and the cause of god are identified. God himself is interested; the interest of Faith is the nearest interest of God…

Faith is the opposite of love. Love recognizes virtue even in sin, truth in error. It is only since the power of faith has been supplanted by the power of the natural unity of mankind, the power of reason, of humanity, that truth has been seen even in polytheism, an idolatry generally – or at least that there has been any attempt to explain on positive grounds what faith, in its bigotry, derives only from the devil.

Hence love is reconcilable with reason alone, not with faith; for as reason, so also love is free, universal, in its nature; whereas faith is narrow-hearted, limited. Only where reason rules, does universal love rule; reason is itself nothing else than universal love. It was faith, not love, not reason, which invented Hell. To love, Hell is a horror; to reason, an absurdity.

It would be a pitiable mistake to regard Hell as a mere aberration of faith, a false faith. Hell stands already in the Bible. Faith is everywhere like itself; at least positive religious faith, faith in the sense in which it is here taken, and must be taken unless we would mix with it the elements of reason, of culture – a mixture which indeed renders the character of faith unrecognizable.

Lecture notes:

The incarnation destroys supernatural character, metaphysical body and removes superstition to what is natural, immanent. The meaning of the incarnation has something to do with love. Universal love is important, there is something about love that is important. Love being crucial to Christianity. Love is central, the key to meaningful existence. Love is primary and allows for unity. The first reality is love, it is sufficient to itself.

Christ himself engaged, understood and lived. A man conveying the value and meaning of human existence. We should honor Christ’s devotion – in our own devotion. What is meant by the Love of God? Distinction between faith and love.

The incarnation testifies to a human God, the utmost of love of human existence. What does this demand of humans? The incarnation – principle – the divine can be expressed in this worldly phenomena. We better “tend” to human love, community because this is where God’s presence can be felt and met. Moving away from institutional and transcendent religion, Christianity adopts self esteem.

If we are to become Christlike, then we must adopt his ways, his thoughts and his actions unto ourselves. If the attributes we give to Christ become our own, then essentially, Christ disappears, because we become “Christ-like.”

So I pose this scripture:

Matthew 22:34-40

But when the Pharisees heard that He had put the Sadducees to silence, they gathered themselves together. And one of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” And He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”

If we become Christ like and we adopt these scriptural commandments, (Literally) then the world should not be so divided and Christian should not stand against another Christian. And Religions should not stand against another Religion.

So I wonder, How many Christians really are “Christ like?” And how many religions stand against what God has commanded of us as his people, no matter what your tradition tells you, in the world’s three monotheistic religions, we all believe in the One God theory, so wouldn’t these greatest commandments stand for all?


Equus – Daniel Radcliffe

There is much talk of these photos in the sphere of popular culture because the young incarnation of a boy-wizard of proper education and status has evolved into a young man turned to the stage in London. I have to get in on the discussion not to get away from the religious focus of the recent series of posts, since I am a reader, fan and sometimes fanatic of the J.K. Rowling incarnation of Harry Potter. So without further adoo… I give you “Equus, ” and the rising star – Daniel Radcliffe…





Quoting from “Obliquity”

A new staging of ‘Equus’ is generating major buzz across the pond. On February 16th, director Thea Sharrock will helm Shaffer’s play at the Gielgud Theatre in London. Set to star are Richard Griffiths (as Dysart) and Daniel Radcliffe (as Strang). Griffiths recently won a Tony for his work in the Broadway production of ‘The History Boys’. Radcliffe, of course, is best known to the world as the embodiment of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.

It is Radcliffe’s advanced photo campaign for ‘Equus’ that has caused quite a commotion in the media and among his fans. Starting with the arresting poster image and a photoshoot of spectacularly moody images lensed by photographer Uli Weber of Mr. Radcliffe in states of undress have created massive anticipation and curiosity making the return of ‘Equus’ to London’s West End a major event. One thing is for sure: Mr. Radcliffe is well on his way to leaving Hairy Harry Potter in his wake.

(All images copyrighted by Uli Weber. )

Guess what…


Prayer and Meditation…


This is what I want to do here… amazing…

Have you ever felt the spirit moving?

Click this LINK and see why…

Here he goes again, the Preacher Jeremiah…

They say, be careful what you pray for, and in certain terms be carefeul what you send out to the universe. Because if God believes that you are ready for revelation or teaching, that it is going to come, swiftly and surely.

Today, at the meeting we talked about “Prayer and Meditation.” The last meeting of the month in Ms. Nikki’s series always ends with this topic. I guess this weekends situation really tested our resolve to rely on God, to “Let Go” absolutely. This theme of letting go and letting God is universal. It is a Christian thought, and is a crucial lesson in sobriety for those in recovery. To give up hanging on to our own “will” and release and trust in God’s will.

It has been said that when we pray we do alot of talking to God. When we meditate we Listen for God to speak to us. So much of our day is spent in the business of life that we forget to stop and take time to pray and to listen. I wrote in one of my papers for Donald that “men pray to God and women talk to God.” In the path of the mystical Christ, we find that there are many mystical women who have had the mystical experience of God in their meditations, because the men relegated early Christian women to the back bench, so to speak, that women found their own voices in their “Listening” for God to speak to them.

I find that very useful in my Christian journey. Yes I pray, but at times like these I need to get quiet and I need to listen for that voice to speak to me. In my Winter Ode each year I spoke about how, here in Montreal, the Winter brings with it the snow. And when fresh snow has fallen upon the land, we are immersed into a “hush of silence.”

Most Montrealer’s cannot deal with the quiet that comes each winter. The busy noise of life becomes stark. The silence descends on the city, as the windows get sealed and we retreat into our heated homes, the noise of outdoors is shut out for six months. We learn to welcome the silence, and we welcome her “the silence.”

I shared last night that we live in a city filled with churches. And I find that not many people seek out that silence, because we are too busy worrying about the day, and about things not heavenly in nature. Today on the way to the meeting I stopped in the church to offer my prayers, there were a few people in the church reciting the rosary as usual. If you’ve never listened to the recitation of the Rosary in French, it is beautiful.

The more I think about where I am spiritually, the more it makes sense that as long as I stay on the path, that all will be well. For we know what happens when we take our eyes off the path and Christ, and we take a step off that path… disaster is not far behind, as I have learned in this life of mine. I may not be the epitome of Christianity. But I carry my cross – and I don’t complain. My life, as of late, has been a sacrifice to God. Everything that I do, every prayer that I offer, every soul I serve, every person I know and Love gets the best of me because all that I am is who God has made me today. Therein lies the truth about gratitude.

Revolution Church

Last night I listened to Jay Bakker’s teaching on Galatians chapter 2 and I have to admit, I feel a bit convicted where I sit. It is very hard to listen to men plead with God. To pray with such conviction that their hands bleed. A great shift has occured in the universe and I felt this shift over the weekend. I spiritually knew that I had to lift up my friends, because many of them, have found themselves in places of great pain. There is great illness in my sacred circle. Many people I know are dealing with worst case scenarios and all I can do for them is pray and listen, and offer solid counsel based on the tenets of Christian teaching. I must decrease so that He may increase.

I instinctively put my bible in my backpack this morning, because I knew today I would need it. And because I had to read it. There are people at my home group that come an hour prior to help set up chairs, and we talk about God and the Bible. Sometimes we read it together, and we sit and talk, and I teach. I actually can sit in a room with people, my “fellows” and teach – and know what it is I am feeling and doing. I am sometimes amazed at my ability to teach and share on biblical stories and of Jesus and his ministry.

To sit among friends and talk about scripture is the greatest rush of spiritual experience. Where did this come from, and why me? I stopped asking those questions, although I still write them. When two or more of you are gathered in my name, there shall I be.

I heard someone talk about the repetition of a spiritual Mantra: an Eastern twist on the recitation of prayer.

The mantra is: Be Still And Know I Am God.

Repeat ten times, each successive recitation removes one word from the end.

Be Still And Know I Am God
Be Still And Know I Am
Be Still And Know I
Be Still And Know
Be Still And
Be Still

Tomorrow the sun shall rise as it has for eons. We shall lift up our brothers and sisters in difficulty. We will pray for the sick and the dying. We shall ask for God’s mercy, and we will ask him in our morning prayers for peace.

A Vision for You

Our book is meant to be suggestive only. We realize we know only a little. God will constantly disclose more to you and to us. Ask Him in your morning meditation what you can do each day for the man who is still sick. The answers will come, if your own house is in order. But obviously you cannot transmit something you haven’t got. See to it that your relationship with Him is right, and great events will come to pass for you and countless others. This is the Great Fact for us.

Abandon yourself to God as you understand God. Admit your faults to Him and to your fellows. Clear away the wreckage of your past. Give freely of what you find and join us. We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.

May God bless you and keep you — until then.

Something is coming…


“I just know we are all going to detest the month of February.”


I fear these words are becoming prophetic.

Toosday Meditations…


This weekend I told you about my friend and her need to get rid of her writings and say her prayers and to follow the ritual of “letting go” of the past. In that conversation I warned her that something would happen in the next 48 hours. I just felt in my soul that we had that conversation right when it needed to happen. In order to deal with the future as it was coming, she had to get rid of that stuff she was “holding on to.”

What WE did not know at the time we were talking, that the universe was going on around us, that a situation was brewing that would test her resolve to the point of failure. We talked about what would transpire NEXT.

I asked her to promise me that she would follow a sponsors directions to the letter, because I just knew that something was coming. The spirit was moving within me, and I told her that. Like I said, I said that something spiritual would happen within 48 hours. Once we hung up from our conversation, 48 hours became 45 minutes.

The earth tilted on its axis, and the universe spit out a mess of gargantuan proportions.

One of her children lives out in the STYX of outlying Montreal, an hour out of the city, into the hills, 10 miles from any point of contact with any stores, residences and help. This person is in a bad way, financially and humanly. The story could be dire, but we are not at that point, just YET! (let us pray)

On the way home from the store on a desolate highway this person and their spouse were stopped by a provincial police person. They were given a ticket for $475.00 for a bad bumper, the car was impounded at $50.00 a day. The cop offered to drive them back home (10 miles) further because it was (-20c) outside and they had no way to get home with the tow truck coming to impound the vehicle.

When they got home, (while we were talking about spiritual experiences) that person called their mother, after she had fallen apart and was incredibly fragile and in a right state to deal with something that was this epic. (God help us all)

So the family is stranded out in the boonies. The car is in impound, that person had to get to work and had no way to get there, because to miss work would mean loosing their job. The spouse of said person is besides themself with worry. There is no slush account in the bank. The kids are out at the movies with friends. And they call Mom, to bail them out.

Mom, has been hysterical on the phone for the last hour, trying to deal with her own sobriety issues, which at the moment seemed insurmountable to her at that moment, and I had asked her to take some time to relax, maybe get a coffee and do what we discussed she should do next. (Oh, did I mention she got this phone call within minutes of our conversation) which dropped her into a further pit of hell, because we (by location) are over an hour away from them, WE don’t have a car to go get them, nor do we know how to help them. It was 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon…

Mom had realized that every time her children call for help, she is always there to take care of their messes. Which brings up our first question? When does one say no? And when do adults become responsible for their decisions and choices? I can’t answer those because I am not a parent…

Needless to say that that marriage and family is in serious trouble. Oh, I forgot to mention that said person had NO insurance on that vehicle because it is an old clunker and nobody took the time to insure it. This is an adult we are talking about. So now we have to find someone to insure a vehicle on a weekend, when all the offices are closed. Wait, there is no money to buy insurance, or pay the impound fees compounding daily, or the $475.00 ticket on top of it all. Damn it all to hell…

We are powerless over people, places and things…


What is mom to do at this point? But worry!!! We are too far away to do anything. We have to get to bank because nobody is open on the weekend in Montreal. This will have to wait until Monday! I knew something would happen, I just knew it. Once the universe starts to move, we are powerless to stop it. At least she had a list of things to do, before she did anything else.

First take care of you, then take care of everyone else – your sobriety depends on your ability to know what to do next, and the NEXT thing and the RIGHT thing must be one in the same, in this case. I didn’t call her all weekend, because I did not want to interfere with what she had to do next. Because we discussed a list of things to do next in a specific order.

Sometimes one has to trust someone else – because at certain times in sobriety your sponsor does know a few tricks to stay sober. They may be inane, simple and stupid, but they work. Don’t ask me why, but being spiritually sober means you must trust the power that guides you.

So my friend did what she had to do, took care of business and took care of herself first. I could kick myself for not calling after our first conversation, if I had would it have changed anything? What could I have done from home to help her child, when both of us live on fixed incomes and don’t have cars? She didn’t think to call me back. I mean she was a wreck all weekend.

Monday comes and the phone calls begin. Mom writes a blank check and wires it to their bank. The car has been in impound for 3 days ($150.00) Insurance costs ($400.00) the ticket costs ($475.00) Grand Total for mom $1025.00 ….

This said person says that they are going to contest the ticket… let us pray…

A new (old) car needs to be purchased, and guess who is going to foot that bill?? The family doesn’t have the money to move closer to town, nor do they have enough money to feed their children, pay bills, and pay to heat the chalet ( fuel oil is not cheap) both parents are in right financial disarry. The kids are oblivious for the lies they are told by their parents, and there is no money to get them out of this rut in their own bank account. What little money they have is already spent or allocated.

Prayer – Meditation – and the Next Right thing…

You know, God is good in all of his wisdom. My friend made it through the weekend, because I listened, and I prayed and we prayed, and she knew what to DO and what NOT to do. She didn’t drink, nor did she pick up a cigarette. She survived this ordeal because the program WORKS. Sometimes God astounds me in his grace, wisdom and peace.

Yesterday we talked about spending time with God every day. I did that today. I went into the church and was alone with my God. I listen to my higher power. I am willing to get quiet, and to listen. I have been doing that for a few 24 hours. Today I am grateful for the wisdom I have learned inside the silence of prayer and meditation, because when it needs to count, it does, and in spades.

I knew how to help another human being because of experience, strength and hope.

So let us revisit the questions I asked above.

1. When is it time to say no?
2. When do our children need be responsible for the choices that they made?

What my friend has in the bank, needs to pay the mortgage for the house she owns and partially rents (upstairs). She needs to pay the heating (fuel oil) bills, maintainance, her own bills, buy food, pay for her transit pass monthly, and what little she spends on herself. I am not a parent in the biblical sense. But I was irresponsible in my youth and in my adult life, so I know what that must feel like to be on the continual “fuck up” roller coaster…

If mom is not careful, “fuck up” is going to run her into the poorhouse and she is one day gonna find herself homeless with them. Everybody is gonna loose. She believes in helping her children to the death of herself. She is a kind soul, with not a bad bone in her body. That is a blessing and a curse. When do we advise someone to consider cutting the purse strings – without alienating them from themselves and us and their children?

People can hit bottom and never take that first drink. Fuck up, has now hit the proverbial financial bottom, and mom is going to pay for their lack of responsibility. She is my best friend, and I try my best to be supportive, and now I find myself in a quiet room talking to God, asking him “how long is this going to continue?” and “what do we do next?”

I have no clue…

I am not God…

Today I was able to love my friend and be her friend and her guide and her rock. That is a very hard bill to fill. I am emotionally involved. I have been committed to this relationship we have had for over 5 years. I have few friends of substance. I guard my friends and my time with them, but I am available to anyone who asks me for help, and I do what I can. All we can do in sobriety is help one another, one 24 hour period at a time. For my sober readers, shit happens in sobriety, some of it is good, And some of it can be really bad…

The good thing is that we can get through anything as long as we have each other to lean on when we need it. So before you get on the insanity roller coaster, you better be sure you are prepared, that you have someone to ride it with you, or just decide not to get on that roller coaster to begin with.

Sometimes it is crucial to ask for help. Sometimes we need to “Let Go Absolutely” and listen to the God of our understanding… and that may be in the voice of another alcoholic who might be able to lead you away from the darkness and keep you in the light.

Because you never know when the universe in all its wisdom is going to spit up a terrible mess like this one, and if it does, will you be prepared to walk through it and not DRINK?

God grant me serenity…

Revolution Church … Pod Cast

Jay Bakker

This weeks edition of Revolution Church is up on the website. You can go there and download the MP3 HERE.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Jay, his family, his Mom and his church. We are in the book of Galatians, chapter 2. This weeks talk is called “Allow Christ to be Christ.”

Go listen, pray, and be part OF…

Quiet Places and Spaces…


(The Vatican – Rome, I’ve been there )

I was surfing the Tag Surfer on Word Press and ran across a young writer named Scott, you can find his blog HERE . As I read his entry titled “The Grotto,” I was immediately transported back to a specific time and memory.

Many years ago, I was involved with Youth Ministry at the Parish I belonged to Way back when God was a boy. His writing gave me this visual of what it was like to be surrounded by really great friends in a setting where there were no labels or boundaries, it was us coming to spend time with God. Praying was a way of life, the spirit moved us to be unified for God. It was that feeling of “being together” unblemished before Christ. Completely vulnerable, is the only way I can explain it to you, unless you “get it” or know what I am talking about.

We had a dedicated retreat location on a lake in Central Florida. It was a 4 hour drive from Miami to this retreat location which was truly blessed.

We would gather there 4 times a year as students. I did this series of retreats over 6 years through high school and early college and seminary. A young Christian and his bible. The introduction to Jesus, the mountain top experience. Do you remember the first time you were introduced to God, to Jesus, to salvation? Do you remember how it felt to come home from a retreat on fire for God, and everyone around would see the shift in you and recognize that you were a follower of Jesus?? I do. I know what it felt like to walk around on that mountain top for about a week, then have to come down to earth… ugh!!

Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk… that was difficult.

If I could bottle that “mountain top” Jesus experience for you and give it to you, it would amaze you I think. It was just incredible. The relationship I had with Jesus, way back then. I grew up, yet that boy still exists, I still love Jesus, just in a different manner. Thinking about it, this old man may be a bit jaded over ‘Church’ and I have let the institution taint the Sacred Value of what CHURCH means to me. Scott reminds us how important it is to go find HIM, where he may be sought. I need to start doing that again.

Such memories are amazing to be able to look back over those years ‘retrospectively,’ and see how life had changed so much since then. I remember the boy I was then, and to an extent he still exists, in a much older man today.

The high school I went to was 1 block from the church we all attended, we would go there every day for lunch. And I would always sneak away at lunch to go visit God in the Chapel, it was a beautiful chapel, with the most amazing cross that hung over the altar, it was life like. The sacred space for me was something special. And to “get away” from the noise and escape into the silence of the church was always something I looked forward to. Sacred Quiet spaces are so important to spiritual health and well being.

As I grew up, living in a big city, life changed. And things I used to do, I did no more. I left Scott a comment. I lived in a city with a beach for over 30 years and it’s funny, as an adult, I never went to the beach. Locals did not go to the beach, we all had lives, jobs, families, responsibilities. Tourists went to the beach for us.

Then a few years ago, I moved away from there, to where I am today. A city filled with churches. Literally, you can’t walk anywhere in this city and not be 50 paces from the nearest church. When I first moved to Montreal, I went to church ALL the time. I explored them all. I hunted the saints down, I visited Brother Andre and Mere D’Youville and I used to go to church – or visit the Mother House, (Maison Mere) weekly, until Sister Georgette died in August. Since her death, I have visited the mother house maybe a handful of times. I haven’t been very “church” oriented as of late…

You can take the boy out of the church
but you can’t take the church out of the boy


Politics – Religion – Practice

I should know better than to allow
“Church” to defile my Sacred beliefs

Scott reminds me that, I must make time to go visit Him. Take my bible and nothing else and go sit in my quiet sacred place. Funny again, I spend so much time studying religion and God in University, that I don’t even think about church like I used to. My estrangement with religion is going to be reconciled in the coming months because the Theology Department is very “church.” And I am missing my roots. So I guess the blessing came from God, who brought me to his blog to read about the Grotto.

The RLP tells a story about a church in Crede Colorado, way up in the mountains. He liked to visit this little church and sometimes snuk a nap in with God in that little church on high. I don’t think I could get away with a nap in a church here in the city, but probably at one of the monasteries that are left outside the city.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and once again, I will visit one of the most beautiful churches in Montreal, St. Leon’s. I will say my prayers and I will offer a special prayer for Scott and his friends.

And I will make time this week to go visit God with my bible…

We are reading Galatians…

State of Grace…


This afternoon I met with the Director of the Certificate Program in Theology. Dr. Dion reviewed my transcript and went over my Letter of Intent. We sat down and talked about what it was I planned on doing with this certificate and she agreed that I was well on my way.

I told her of my social ministry here and she told me that my work in the field (My mentor circle, and HIV and Recovery work) as it has been for many years WOULD be credited as part of my “practicum” portion of my studies.

That was great news. She transferred six credits from my undergraduate program in Religion to my Certificate studies which in total are (30) credits. I am sitting at required (24) credits now.

I need to formally apply to the university and pay the fees, it’s always about the money right? I will do that this weekend. Dr. Dion has formally ACCEPTED me into the Certificate in Pastoral Care in the Department of Theology.

(The stained glass window is St. Francis of Assisi)

My Oscar List – 2007


Performance by an actor in a leading role

Leonardo DiCaprio – BLOOD DIAMOND
Ryan Gosling – HALF NELSON
Peter O’Toole – VENUS


Performance by an actor in a supporting role

Jackie Earle Haley – LITTLE CHILDREN
Djimon Hounsou – BLOOD DIAMOND
Eddie Murphy – DREAMGIRLS
Mark Wahlberg – THE DEPARTED


Performance by an actress in a leading role

Penélope Cruz – VOLVER
Helen Mirren – THE QUEEN


Performance by an actress in a supporting role

Adriana Barraza – BABEL
Cate Blanchett – NOTES ON A SCANDAL
Jennifer Hudson – DREAMGIRLS
Rinko Kikuchi – BABEL


Best animated feature of the year



Achievement in art direction



Achievement in cinematography



Achievement in costume design


Achievement in directing


Best Documentary Feature


Best documentary short subject



Achievement in film editing



Best foreign language film of the year


Achievement in makeup



Achievement in music written for a motion picture (Original Score)


Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original song)

“Love You I Do” – DREAMGIRLS
“Our Town” – CARS
“Patience” – DREAMGIRLS

Best motion picture of the year


Adapted screenplay


Original Screenplay




Mr. Wentworth Miller…

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2007


Outstanding Male Actor in a Lead Role
Forest Whitaker – The Last King of Scotland

Outstanding Female Actor in a Lead Role
Helen Mirren – The Queen

Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Eddie Murphy – Dream Girls

Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Jennifer Hudson – Dream Girls

Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture
Little Miss Sunshine


Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie or Mini Series
Jeremy Irons – Elizabeth I

Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie or Mini Series
Helen Mirren – Elizabeth I

Outstaning Actor in a Drama Series
Hugh Laurie – House

Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series
Chandra Wilson- Grey’s Anatomy

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin – 30 Rock

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series
America Ferrera – Ugly Betty

Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series
Grey’s Anatomy

Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Comedy Series
Ugly Betty

Intimate Lunacy… part deux

Over on Scott-O-Rama, he writes about he and his significant other Buckaroo. I wanted to find something to write about, since I haven’t written anything of substance lately. I guess I will follow Scott’s lead and tell you about US.


Firstly, let us set the tone. I have Sting, The Songs of Sacred Love on the dvd player. I just Love this dvd. It is a piece of art that I play when I am in a meditative “place.” His music stirs my soul and moves me to dance with the Sacred. I guess that in choosing this music today, while hubby is at the gym, I can talk about the Sacred in a whimsical light.

Hubby and I are 5 years apart in age, me being the old fart and he still in his mid-thirties he will be “35” this June! He is the more vain of the two of us, with his wrinkle creams, lotions and exercise diets.  He is more concerned about his exterior image than I am of mine. Living so long with HIV in July will be 14 years, imagine that!! who knew!! What I look like on the Outside comes secondary to what I look and feel like on the Inside.

When we met, we knew we were kindred spirits that very first day we went on our first date. (read: we were in a meeting together) that’s how it started. We were both getting sober, yes I was trolling a beginner! he he he (inside joke)


We have always tried to keep things light, seeing that we both face our own demons, or own addiction issues, and most importantly our medical situations. When we met, hubby was very much an “Austin Powers” junkie. “Yeah Baby, Yeah!!” We have an ongoing series of sayings, words and giggles. Another fun running joke is from “Mystery Science Theatre,” if you’ve never sat through an episode, it is just fun to be silly for a couple of hours.


If you happen to be spending time with us, and we are watching tv or talking, you just might happen to hear us quote something from either film. You’d have to have seen them to understand the joke (inserted here). “Shut up grandma, you’re lucky to have a job!” and “Please don’t eat the daisies!!” “I want to be a dietician.”


These days, Little Britain is the show “Du Jour.” We watch it every night here on BBC-K! It is just hysterical. Another show you must see to “get.” Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but…” and “Call me Bubble, everyone else does,” “I’m the only Gay in the Village!!!”

Speaking of underwear, here in Montreal, we don’t spend trillions of dollars on designer undies, a quick shop at Zeller’s is the point of purchase. He refuses to wear stripped undies, he prefers to wear solids, for me it doesn’t matter!! I noticed one night a few days ago, I went into the dresser after I showered to get some skivvies, and I picked up a pair with a strategic hole in them, AND they were solids. And from the bedroom, I ask the air about why undies with holes in them are in the dresser, not 30 seconds later hubby comes flying in the bedroom to throw them in the trash. Why do your solid undies have holes in them, “I giggle and offer – are you chasing those university boys through the gym again?” His face blushes and he stomps off…”you know I am not that kind of man!” tee hee

We have a very whisical way of living. My inlaws don’t get it, because we go off on tangents in the middle of family dinners just to amuse ourselves, and nobody “gets it.”

Life is too short to be miserable.

We always try to laugh every day. We have fun, we have our own ways of living and we make a great couple I think. There are serious issues for both of us to deal with, but amid the seriousness, it is far too easy to forget to laugh when necessary.

I remember a great story I used to tell all of my friends…

“The year I was in Seminary, Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse used to air on television. And every weekend we would all go to the grocery store and buy boxes of Mr. T cereal and sit and watch Pee Wee Herman, and we would take the “word of the day”and go to town with it. We used to disrupt serious prayer times by screaming out words and laughing out loud, that usually pissed the rector off to no end, but he was an arrogant tight ass of a man. I hated him!!

“la la la la la connect the dots…”

We are just a pair of insane men who have fun wheneve possible. A pair of looney tunes who refuse to grow up. This year we celebrate our third wedding anniversary in November and five years together as a couple in October. So there you have some whimsy to read on a Sunday evening…

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Laugh your Ass off Funny !!!

I saw a video over on “Bill In Exile” earlier and I posted that video over on My Other Blog, you can find that link HERE. But secondly, at the top of my page is a video of Lewis Black talking about Homeland Security. If you want to laugh your ass off – and fall out of your chair, you MUST go listen to this 8 minute clip. The Evolutions of Jeremiah check it out.

Courtesy of Mr. Lewis Black…

“They have the color coding like we are in fucking elementary school, there’s no need for that. Because every time they tell us the color code, they have to explain it to us. They should just eliminate them. There should be THREE levels of Security”

  3. FUCK ME !!!


I laughed my ass off and almost fell out of my chair listening to Mr. Black.