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Are you Thirsty ???

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I should have titled this post “The Grace of God” because in the end it is all about the Grace of God.

But let’s start with the daily update. The weather is definitely getting cooler. I was reading on the Weather Channel webpage that they are expecting snow up in Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and northern Michigan Friday night into Saturday morning … UGH snow in September … who knew…

The leaves have yet to start turning here in the city. It was a beautiful day today. Lots of sun and flecky clouds. I left early and as usual I walk all the way up the hill to Sherbrooke and up the Chomedy and damn if that bus just coasted by the bus stop as I waived for it to stop, but it just kept going. So I had to wait till the next 24 to come around.

I was early enough to the meeting to help set up. At first I wasn’t going to step in the hall that early, but then I thought if I help set up, the slogans will go up correctly, so I helped set up and the slogans went up correctly …

Live – Easy – But  – Think – First …

Call it a control issue that I have problems with, but it just irks me that people put the slogans up all cock eyed. I just get jittery sitting there with them there in the wrong order. The last time I corrected them myself, a member reminded me that I was having control issues, and I said nothing, I just adjusted them anyways.

Our speaker was from the French side. There were several points in his share that he spoke in French but I didn’t get the reference. He qualified his share by opening with A.A. saved my life … After that he needed nothing else to say… as was echoed by the thanker later on in the evening.

War stories are mostly the same, except we could change names and locations we drank at, but the usual water holes come up in discussion and most people giggle – having never drank here – that is lost on me.

It is the journey to get here that matters. After bouts with abstinence and learning how to “control drink” and failing, he arrived. The great wish for any alcoholic ( from the book) is that one day we will be able to drink like normal people. Our man tried all the ins and outs to learn how to do that, but failed.

Some of us learn early on that we are to grow up, go to school, hit university and get a good job and make lots of money. Some hit the big time and make oodles of money and attain all the trappings of success. A house, a spouse, a boat, a company, children, so forth and so on.

For the alcoholic, a terrible crash and burn is imminent for them. As was for our man. After finally getting sober the bailiffs came to collect his things, and calling his sponsor, the reply was “Are you thirsty???” Get thee to a meeting.

The good thing about alcoholism is that once we survive terrible crash and burns is that we get to rebuild in a good way. Alcoholics take hostages when we marry “en process.” The wife and children all suffer because of  our alcoholism.

But our man said some prayers to his higher power…

Bring me a woman, of such a height, with such looks and my criteria and all will be well. You know what they say about getting into relationships in early sobriety. That wasn’t a deterrent for our man. Having a relationship with another human in the process of getting sober can be a dicey decision. As was apparent for our man.

Sobriety is supposed to be a journey of growth and rebuilding our lives. But life happens while we get sober and we are powerless over the things that happen to others, in our lives, while we get sober. Sometimes tragic things happen, and there is the choice … What do I do? Drinking is not an option, and neither is taking matters into your own hands. There but for the grace of God.

Had our man not trusted in the advice of his sponsor and the stirrings of his higher power, he might have made a seriously bad decision, but he didn’t. We learn in sobriety how to weather certain tragedies soberly and with God’s Grace.

Life is good, Life is bad. Life is hard, and sometimes it is easy. And we all grow older and shit happens, but the good thing is – You don’t have to drink ever again.”

We laughed, we giggled, and we learned about another member and his story about The Grace of God. God loves the fool, the drunk and the elderly.

After a life of denying God and His existence, our man came to believe in a power greater than himself and that God delivered our man from a life of addiction and alcoholism, and gave him things that he never imagined.

We are all blessed by the Grace of God.

A good night was had by all …


One response

  1. Hi Jeremy….

    “The good thing about alcoholism is that once we survive terrible crash and burns is that we get to rebuild in a good way”.

    I am not convinced that this is not the preferred path to having life unfold in an upward, linear fashion.

    What if it did? Would you or I be the same people we are today? Would we be as present? Aware? Awake? Compassionate? Grateful?

    I can answer for me… no.

    I dont know why some lives follow the linear, upward pattern, and some of us the jagged up, DOWN!, up, down, up, up DOWN, DOWN HARD, etc.

    No idea at all. But… it is. This is the hand we are holding today… a hand of cards that is. And if its all 2’s and 3’s, we should just do our best to make some pairs, or tripples wherever we can.

    Whats the alternative? Wallowing? Been there, done that. I’ll just keep playing my pairs of twos.



    September 20, 2012 at 11:39 pm

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