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Leave the Seed Alone …


What a dreary, wet and blustery day it has been in the neighborhood. The kind of weather that elicits the desire to just stay in a warm and cozy bed for the day. But I could not stay in bed for there were things to do today.

I didn’t know this, but Zeller’s is having a liquidation sale on all items in the store. It seems that the store at Alexis Nihon Plaza is closing at the end of the year and in its place will be a sparkling new TARGET store. YAY for Target, one of my favorite stores from the U.S.

It was raining while I was prepping to leave for the meeting tonight. I broke out my winter coat for the first time this season … nice and warm and huggy. I grabbed my big umbrella and set off. When I got downstairs it was barely raining at all, and I did not feel like bringing it upstairs, so I carried it to and fro.

We set up early and had time to sit and relax before the meeting. One of my fellows from the meeting texted me last night asking me to chair for him because he was in Quebec City until Monday. So we began reading the Big Book from the very first page.

We read through the preface, and forwards to the first and second editions. I had asked several members if we should skip those readings and opt to begin with the doctors opinion, but we decided on starting at the very beginning of the book.

I have told you over the past few entries about what I am learning from others in the meetings, that some people read the book and parse word for word, and I learn something new at each and every meeting. Tonight was no different.

There is a reason that the preface and the forwards are at the beginning of the book, because it give us some context to the where and why of the publishing and sharing of the book from the inception of A.A. more than 70 years ago.

During that read, the writer mentions the people who participated in the formation of the book, those opinions that mattered and what individual contributions each of those folks made to the movement of A.A. And from that we arrive at the many different other “reads” like A.A. Comes of Age, Bill and the Old timers, The Jack Alexander article and so forth and so on.

We carry all those books at Sunday Niter’s. But not a lot of people take the time to invest reading the history of A.A. and how it came to be. We usually set the off with a Big Book at the beginning. But we have found that reading the Big Book on ones own is useful, but it is far better to read the book along with someone else, like in a group setting or with ones sponsor.

And so that began tonight, reading the Big Book from the very beginning and all the way through to the very last story in the fourth edition.

I heard a lot of good things tonight. And once again I heard something from one of our women that struck me as insightful. She was working with a suffering alcoholic, but it seemed the help she was offering was going in one ear and out the other, and her sponsor told her to just let go and “leave the seed alone.”

Sometimes when working with others, the message is received and it takes right away, and then there are other times that we just have to plant a seed and leave it alone to germinate and take root. And that may take some time.

We are powerless over people, places and things.

It was good to hear from my friends at the meeting. For many of my friends, tonight is the only night we see each other at the same meeting. so it was nice. Hopefully they will show up and read along with us next week and successive weeks to come.

Recently I met a young person on Tumblr who asked for some assistance because he needed help and so I reached out to him and pointed him in the right direction and he responded that he attended his first meeting. So I dropped him a note, to which he did not reply as of yet, so I guess I just need to leave the seed alone.

It was a good weekend. All is well. It is raining and miserable. But they always say that if you don’t like the weather in Montreal, wait twenty minutes.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Goodnight from Montreal.


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