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Anniversary at St. Matthias …

Courtesy: RThompson80

It was another stellar day in the neighborhood. Blue skies and comfortable temperatures. It was a crisp, clear night for hoodies. We got many things done today so that was nice. I was out early for St. Matthias, because it was the 65th anniversary tonight.

The church was packed to the rafters. I decided not to stay for food since hubby is cooking dinner shortly. There were more than 100 people there, and at the end of the meeting we had a sobriety countdown and overall there was more than 900 years of sobriety in the room. When they called ten years I stood up, I didn’t notice any others at that point, but lots of people with double digit sobriety.

Our speaker had more than twenty years of sobriety. I had never heard him share before. We heard the history of the meeting read and our man’s story takes place early on. He mentioned that the first meeting he went to was Tuesday Beginners. But like many it took several kicks at the can to come in and really “get it.”

He spoke of pages 23 and 24 of the Big Book …

“We are equally positive that once he takes any alcohol whatever into his system, something happens, both in the bodily and mental sense, which makes it virtually impossible for him to stop. The experience of any alcoholic will abundantly confirm this.”

We heard him say that once he started drinking, he could not stop.

But once you come in and begin to accept that you need help, the spiritual experience can then take place. God is or He isn’t. It’s very simple. We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do ourselves.

And that was the message. That we had a problem, and in the program we find the solution, and in that we come to recognize a power greater than ourselves and life begins to come together again. And it had for our man and for many others in that room tonight.

It was a good night. More to come, stay tuned…


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