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Could’ve Heard a Pin Drop…

It was a cold night tonight. We are sitting at ( 0 ) with a wind chill of (-4c) …

I was up early and ready to go early as well, but on the way out I did some Supermarket Safari on the way to the bus stop. As I reached the top of the hill I saw a bus pass by, but luckily I arrived at the stop in time to make a bus that came a few minutes later. Which put me at St. Matthias really early.

So I put up chairs and those gosh darn slogans …

We put out lots of extra chairs, because most folks get there in time to get their seats before the meeting starts, but there are some who sneak in while the preamble is going on which is disruptive, when people have to get chairs from the hallway making noise … So we put out more than enough chairs so that everybody would get a seat. And no extra hassles.

Our speaker was new. And he exuded peace and tranquility.

They usually tell us from the chair that we should refrain from getting up and getting coffee during the speaker, which everyone respects.

Tonight, once he got up there and started his story, the room was silent. Nobody moved, it was utterly peaceful and quiet. A quiet that we really don’t see very often, but tonight was one of those nights that people were rapt at attention.

You could have heard a pin drop.

There is a hell. We have all been there. Tonight’s take away … Gratitude.

After all the abuse we heaped on ourselves, to come to the program and get the gift of desperation, and then be afforded the gift of sobriety, it is a real gift. And some times we take for granted this gift, until someone gets up there and shares a story so deep that gratitude permeates from the chair to the room.

Everybody in the room was listening to every word spoken and there was an occasional group laugh …

One of his daughters told him that “she didn’t hold the bar very high for him …
later one of his sons, comes to his room before bed and says “Dad, I know it’s progress and not perfection…”

These little gifts that tell us we are on a path and as long as we stay on the path things will get better.

If we are lucky, we loose the things we need to get rid of, we clean up the wreckage of the past, and for our man, his marriage is solid, his kids are gold and he is so happy to be sober and grateful for the gift of the program.

So the word for the night is Gratitude…


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