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Sunday Sundries …


We can just imagine in our mind’s eye that there is snow on the ground !!!

The possibility of snow does not/or will not/come until Friday, if at that. But you know what they say about Montreal, “don’t like the weather? Wait 30 minutes…”  Forecasters on both websites have been amending their outlooks every night, so anything is possible.

It was a miserable rainy day today. The kind of rain that falls slowly that requires you to carry an umbrella, but not use it once you get downstairs.

UGH !!!

I was out early, I was peckish so I went by Micky D’s for their new hot item and I have to say they were tasty, albeit, smaller versions of McNuggets. That was a tasty treat as I navigated Westmount Square.

The church was dark when I got there. Our coffee lady arrived just after I did, she made coffee and ate some old cake, that made her sick, so she left to go back home soon after we finished setting up the room for the meeting.

It was the first week of the month, as we finished the reading of Bill’s story. It so happens that after Ebby tells Bill that he should just find a god of his own understanding, what follows is a simplified version of the program. Find a God of your understanding, come to, and make your lists and then amends follows and finishes up with working with others and being of service to other alcoholics.

Also that nothing insures our sobriety more than working with another alcoholic. And everybody around the table spoke to that point. We all make it a point to take time to work with others to help them stay sober. It is very gratifying work if you can get it.

We sat a full compliment of folks. We just squeaked in everybody before the time was up. There was a good number of folks with some serious time talking to many with days, weeks, almost a year and then some. Doing for others is the name of the game. Every word parsed and digested.

I made the comments to the effect that when I got sober, in order to become a member of Tuesday Beginners, back in the day, you had to do some serious service in order to become a “citizen.” so to speak. I did lots of service.

Secondly, I learned that good sobriety meant that ones life revolved around our meetings. Not the meetings revolving around our lives. Meetings and sobriety comes first. Everything else follows. I built my life around my meetings, and that equation has served me very well over the last 11 years. People wonder if I get tired of doing service, or that I need to be replaced … Maybe I need to explain this to some people on Tuesday …

Next week is my anniversary. 11 years …

At the end of the meeting we had two cakes. One of our members took 26 years and another took 33 years. And you ask, how do you get to 26 and 33? One day at a time. There was much cake and congratulations. All in all it was a good night.

Last night we put up the tree, and the lights are fading in and out. It makes the apartment much more festive, even if there is no snow on the ground. Now we start praying for just a “White Christmas.” Last year we didn’t get serious snow until Christmas eve. Hopefully God will grant us our wishes.

The cards are all finished and ready for the mail tomorrow. If I got a card from you last year, you get a card this year. And for others, certain people always get cards, just because. I did not spend oodles of money on cards this year. What a pain in the ass. there will be twenty five lucky people out there.

We are on track for Christmas.

That is all for now. More to come, stay tuned…


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