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Monday … Let them eat Cake edition …


It snowed, it warmed up, and the pretty white snow is a dark slushy brown. I did some supermarket Safari earlier today, while it was still snowing. But it all may be for naught, because rain is in the pike for this week. And the odds of a white Christmas are slim, if you believe environment Canada.

We squeaked by last year with a dusting on Christmas day. And this year we have dinner and a meeting on the same night. It will be exciting.

After reading how some of my fellows are baking and cooking goodies for the holidays, I went to the store hoping to find something tasty to add to the cake I baked tonight for my friends anniversary tomorrow.

Hopefully the choices I made will be pleasing to the masses.

I wrote out the balance of my Christmas Cards for members of the group. I feared that if I gave a card to one, that I would have to give one to all. And my sponsor said, just do it in secret so that nobody gets jealous of those who did not make the cut.

I spent a chunk sending cards out in the mail, and these were the leftovers from that event. I got a card from some of our women for my anniversary, so I put them on the list and a few others that have been a participant in my life in some way this past year. And that is how I made my decision. If you were active in my life you got a card.

So the cake is cooling. I need to plate and frost and decorate it later on.

What am I reading now …

I got a copy of “Life of Pi …” by Yann Martel.

It is one of my favorite books of all time. There are so many books in my library that many of them are favorites. I enjoy having something to read before bed. I was tiring of reading the same standards over and over again.

Hubby is out finishing his Christmas shopping so we can get them into the mail for my inlaws and my nieces and nephew. Thanks God it isn’t me out there tonight.

There are only 7 days left to get your Christmas shopping done.

Time is a precious commodity. Once wasted it can never be regained …

More to come, stay tuned …


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