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Les Miserables …


This is a new record. Two motion pictures in a weeks time. Well, one motion picture and the lauded Best Musical of all time tonight.

It was a date night event. We went out for dinner prior to the movie where we were hassled by a homeless man over dinner, which began the upsetting part of the night. He just wouldn’t leave us alone. And words were said…

The we arrived at the theatre and we were the first two in the room and got our seats up in the back center screen. And a good number of people followed. A row in front of us to the right, a couple were sitting and conversed amongst themselves throughout the entire movie.

You know they tell you to turn off your phones prior to the main event, but they sure as shit don’t tell you that voices carry in an otherwise silent theatre. Hubby was not amused and several times, almost getting out of his seat yelling shut up at the talkers.

The musical was epic. I can see Anne Hathaway going home with a golden statue or two this awards season. I have seen this production on Broadway some number of years ago. The music was heavenly and the “sing through the movie worked really well, there were very few spoken words the entire almost three hour run time. All of the characters on screen were strong. And it was a who’s who in movie talent.

I give the film ten Oscars out of ten. A must see if you are a “musical” person.


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