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Finding Ourselves …

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It has been a cold couple of days. We are sitting at (-13c) at this hour with a little snow falling over the city. With the beginning of the year, and the beginning of the month, I’ve been running to and fro lately.

I was up with the birdies this morning because I had to go drop labs at the hospital for my upcoming appointments, one the end of this month and the second the beginning of next month.

I left early enough and hopefully there wouldn’t be a mass of folks waiting for labs to be drawn. I had to go get my lab sheet from the clinic and pop upstairs to the draw room. Thankfully I took my number and didn’t even sit down, and they called my number, so I was in and out in less than twenty minutes. Swoosh !!!

I stopped by to see a friend who works at the hospital because we missed each other over the holidays. I made the next bus coming down the hill to come home. I’ve been having a problem with my left hip, I must have slipped or landed off center and pulled a muscle because it has been painful over the last couple of days. Hubby went out and got me some pain medication to take and I took a nap this afternoon and took a pill and the pain was lessened greatly.

This evening I was up and ready to go by 7. I was going to meet a friend to walk up to the stop for the 104 at 7:20. They have been working diligently in the neighborhood to collect the snow and cart it away. However, in Westmount, they haven’t plowed away the snow banks. They have their own snow operation, and they don’t use city help.

We arrived early for the meeting. One of our Tuesday members spoke tonight. It was the second time I have heard her share, the first time was at 5 o’clock shadows some time ago. It was good to hear how things have changed over the past few months.

When our lady was drinking, being first, the preachers daughter and later the doctors wife, she kind of lost her voice and herself in the process of living. And once she came into the rooms she began to reconnect with herself and find her voice.

Over the past year she has done exemplary service to the community at large, she cooks meals on wheels and gives back to her rehab community here in the city, she is our Tuesday night group secretary and she cooks for us, shops for us and is a great all around woman of the group.

At the end, one of the Thursday night St. Matthias group members took a 23 year cake. It was a packed house with lots of women coming to support her, we all had cake and lots of conversation.

A good night was had by all.

We took caravan home, and I did some supermarket Safari on the way home.

Wau Lam … That is all …

More to come, stay tuned …


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