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Sunday Sundries … 1st Sunday of 2013.


It has been an uneventful weekend. Snow is falling on the city and should end sometime this evening. But this is a good representation of what it looks like outside right now. It has been blustery all day into tonight.

I left early so that I could snap some shots of the mall renovations and I did that on the way out. On the way back we walked the tunnel to come home and I attempted to snap a few more, but got caught by security telling me that photographs were not allowed. WTF ???

When I got home, I could not find my computer cord for the camera so that whole job was a waste. No cable, no photos … FML !!!

The renovations are getting bigger and bigger. As many of the shops on that ground floor are now shuttered and dark and it seems that the new Target is going to be huge. They’ve basically gobbled up three quarters of the Metro floor from one end to another.

We all arrived at the church early, seeing the weather was a bit dismal. And we had a modest showing. We read more of the Big Book. YAY !

All of my stories are getting old. But they rise from my memory when ignited by reading of certain texts.

Not much else to say tonight. Not a very great start to the year in writing I must say, but more to come, so stay tuned…


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