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Lighting the Way Saturday Night …

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Courtesy:Quotegoeshere – Untiltheacropolis

The weather outside the past few days has been less than thrilling. You never want to give an excuse for why you can’t make a meeting on any given night because we all went out of our ways to get alcohol when we drank. But with that said, we did skip a meeting on Thursday night because of frigid temperatures.

I got a text from my sponsor earlier this afternoon inquiring if I wanted to go to Dorval tonight for a meeting. A whole bunch of us decided on going. I called a friend and my sponsor called other friends and we all met at Snowden to go to Dorval.

The trains were running more or less on time, we only had to wait a few minutes on our change from the Green line to the Orange line at Lionel Groulx. We got on the Orange line going out of town and there was a cute Francophone Mormon boy on the train and he was chatting up folks in our car from one end of the car to the other, and a friend and I were seated somewhat in the middle so he stopped to chat (in French) with us. We were a stop away from our destination, and I should say that had he addressed me in English, I might have paid him a bit more attention, but French just gets a nod and wink … UGH !!!

Mormon boys on trains …

They usually travel in pairs. But our boy was traveling solo …

We finally arrived at our destination. Lots of familiar faces, from the Dorval side of town. We don’t usually see West Island folks in Downtown meetings. But we were welcomed nonetheless.

You never know what you are going to hear from the chair on any given night. Our woman had some time. And a grueling story of pain, loss and addiction. I sat there and felt truly blessed by being in the presence of a fellow traveler. It was good to get out and hear a message.

The take away for me was this …

You could say that my family of origin was dysfunctional. What do you do with four family members, all drinkers and mentally and physically abusive towards their children? For our woman, the dysfunction was so great in her life that in order to drink on her terms she had to move 1000 km’s away from her family.

Coming from small town Maritimes, where everybody knows you and the possibility of running into friends and/or family while on a drinking spree was so high, that she had to get away. The story does not get better, it got worse.

Fifteen years of drinking took its toll and she came to – had a moment of grace – and made the call that changed her life.

I’ve written ad-nauseum about my family and the myriad of things that went down and why I had to get away, make certain changes in my life and finally move 1500 km away to begin the life that I thought I deserved. And I did that in sobriety. The thing was – was that I never quite thought of family as dysfunction that I needed to get away from, but in hindsight something greater than myself was guiding me to the life I now live. It makes a whole lot of sense when you look at things from this perspective.

There is a reason we are where we are on any given moment in our lives, and if you question why you are where you are right now, it is because you were meant to be in that moment or this moment, where ever you are at this time.

Everything happens for a reason.

It was a great meeting. We all enjoyed the speaker. And we all came away with a take away for the night.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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