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First Share and Celebrations …

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Courtesy: A.Q.

Last night it was (8c) and very balmy. Rain fell and the winds changed. We had flurries this afternoon and the winds have been whipping around buildings. It was very bitter out with the wind chill. We are sitting at (-10c/-21c w/c) …

I was frozen by the time we hit the bus stop to wait for the 104 bus. Thank God there was a bus shelter to stand in while we waited. We arrived early during the monthly business meeting.

The hall was packed with people. One of our women members at T.B.’s was slated to speak, so a whole bunch of women, sponsees, sponsors, friends and fellows came to hear her speak. It is always nerve wracking – on your first go at the chair.

She did very well. I was proud of her. She has come a long way from her childhood into being an adult, a wife, a mother and a good citizen of the world. For her it was a grace to find the rooms. She tells the story about the day she “came to look” after her last drunk, she woke up and went over to the computer and Googled “How It Works” what she wanted to know was how A.A. worked. How ironic that she started with this reading.

She made a couple of meetings and finally connected with some women who would be her guides and friends. She had a lot of work to do, and she is still in the process of becoming the woman she was meant to be. She and her sponsor and a good number of the women tonight are all members at Tuesday Beginners.

Just a year in – she will celebrate her anniversary next Tuesday.

After the meeting we had three cakes. Lots of old time sobriety. But they warn us, this is a one day at a time program. And that was a lesson our woman had to learn from the get go … How to live in ones day – living life on life’s terms – one day at a time.

It was a good night.

We took caravan home.

More to come, stay tuned …


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