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Walking the Path …


It has been an uneventful weekend. We are sitting at a balmy (-11c/-16c w.c.) And there is snow on tap tonight. We are not much into football here so that is not a concern.

I was up and out early this evening because I had to make a couple of stops along the way. And there was Big Change at Alexis Nihon this week. Several more kiosks and several shops have closed in the past couple of weeks.

The most notable was the “Yellow” show store that used to sit right outside the Metro connect tunnel to the platform, Target appropriated their space so now the entire storefront property from Left to right on the Metro Level has now been taken up. The florist that used to sit in the middle of the tunnel entrance has closed as well.

The Yellow store moved from right to left as you come down the escalator. Which has changed the floor plan of Target. What seemed at first a total appropriation of all the store front space from left of the escalator to all the way down the mall proper to the Metro tunnel (encompassing the Yellow space), is now split up into two spaces with Yellow sitting in the middle of the store front space.

I’m not sure how the new Target is going to lay out with this new move, since the total space is interrupted by Yellow. I wonder what they are going to do with the left side space at the bottom of the escalator. I don’t know how they are going to utilize both spaces???

The Forum, across the street from the mall, that houses Cineplex Odeon Movies had housed a Future Shop that took up two floors of space has been closed this past week. Which means the Forum has lost a major anchor store. That brings the total of open space to three storefronts. Over the past five years we lost two restaurants on the ground floor and now the Future Shop that sat right besides these spaces.

Lots of changes going on on this end of town. And word is that Target will be opening in March. The Seville project has topped the phase three tower. The facade windows and all are going up slowly. I haven’t seen much work going on there in the last week. The weather has been too sketchy for cranes to operate and people be out in the open in the frigid cold on the upper floors that haven’t yet been enclosed by windows.

*** *** *** ***

We arrived at the church about 5 o’clock. Our usual coffee maker was standing inside the door when I got there, she was waiting for our newbie to show up and make coffee. He was late so she set up the coffee pot and he arrived shortly thereafter. We schooled him in opening procedures for next week and gave him a key.

We got the room set up and we sat a fair number of folks tonight. We are continuing to read from the Big Book, Chapter 4 – We Agnostics… Somewhere along the way at some particular meeting eventually, the mention of God is going to come up. We’ve been sharing on Spiritual Experience and the notion of God, or a power greater than ourselves these fast few weeks.

Faith and God are spoken about throughout the Book. It is written in the steps, and you come to a meeting, you come to, and then you come to believe. What you choose to call it, or not call it, is all up to you individually. Eventually we experience the presence of God, in some sort or fashion. If you are open to the stirrings of the spirit, after a while, God presents himself through people and through the rooms. At least that is how it came to me.

In hindsight, over the last 47 years of my life, God has been present in one fashion or another. The problem in many cases is/was my inability to recognize him. However I knew who God was, from my upbringing. There were times in the past when I deliberately stepped off the path, hence my life became unmanageable.

But even when I stepped off the path, God was still there waiting for me to return to the path and to get “right with Him.” The first time I got sober, God made his presence known to me, by the presence of the men who cared for me when I got sick. I’ve told this story before.

In time, Sobriety Lost Its Priority, and I went out. And today I am sure that where I went God followed, waiting for me to come around again. And he set certain people in my life at the right moments to help me find my way back, however circuitous the route went. I eventually found my way back, because I spoke certain prayers and God heard them and answered quite specifically.

Coming into the rooms again was difficult, because I had to start all over again. And so it went. I came to Tuesday Beginners. I rooted and I did what ever they told me to do, even when I had all these erratic expectations. God did away with all of them in due time. All my needs were mt through the rooms. Whatever those needs were. If I needed something I took it to a meeting. And God provided for all my needs. God made manifest in my life in many ways.

I went back to school in sobriety and I studied God, six ways from Sunday, forwards and backwards, from one faith to the next. And over the past 10 years I have come to know who God is and who God is not. My academic studies augmented my sobriety in many ways. God has been part of my life, every day of my life over the last 11 years of my sobriety. You don’t need to convince me that God exists. I have seen him move in our meeting on several occasions.

Just watching people get sober over a long period of time, and you witness God in action as people come, they come to and then they come to believe. It is the most miraculous event that one could be part of.

… They show how the change came over them. When many hundreds of people are able to say that the consciousness of the Presence of God is today the most important fact of their lives, they present a powerful reason who one should have faith… Pg. 51 Big Book

God is alive and well and he is in this place.

We sing … “The Lord hears the cry of the poor, blessed be the Lord … “

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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