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By The Numbers – Part 2 …


It was a very late night last night. I stayed up way too late and munched on food at 4 a.m. before going to sleep. Which gave me 5 hours of sleep time before my 9:30 am this morning wake up to be at the diabetes clinic by 10.

Thankfully I did my labs well in advance of this appointment so I did not have to get there at 7 am !!! God forbid …

Last time, Dr. Chris was all up in arms over some of my labs. He was freaking out and circling this number and that number. He gave me part of the lab work to show Dr. George today. When I showed Dr. George the lab sheet he was like “meh… it’s ok !!!” Dr. Chris is more alarmist and Dr. George is more laid back.

Both men are worried since cardiac issues run in the family that I am well due to have a heart attack fairly soon. Dr. Chris was all up on that a couple of weeks ago. So when I saw Dr. George this morning I mentioned that to him and he sent me up to the cardiac wing for a cardiogram test.

The test was clean. Doc said everything looks good, So no worries there. I dropped off a copy at the HIV clinic on my way back to the diabetes clinic.

The down portion of the visit was that my sugars are high. I used to range between 4’s and 7’s … and now I range between 9’s and 11’s. I had a 20 spike last week. Doc upped my Glyburide to two pills 5mg each before my meals, along with Metformin and Januvia.

We will see over the next two weeks how or if my sugars will come down with the upping of Glyburide. If after two weeks there is no change, then we move onto plan B. Which is a new drug called Byetta. Exenatide injection.

The government doesn’t pay for this medication YET, so I have to see a special clinic for my test trial and if it works the doc will write a letter to the provincial health system for coverage later on.

I saw the pen, kinda looks like an Epi pen. It comes in 5 mg and 10 mg dosages and lasts for a month of injections. But like I said this is plan B.

That is that on this front. I had me some lunch and now I am gonna nap.

More to come, stay tuned…


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