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Telephone Therapy …

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We are sitting at (0c) at this hour, and a little snow is falling over the city.

We have been trying to stir things up at T.B.’s … To get some new folks into rotation with jobs and responsibility. I departed home a few minutes past five, with two stops en route. I arrived close to 5:30 and opened the church.

A handful of women must have been waiting for me in the wings, because I got there later than usual, but I was hoping that some of my new hires would show up to learn the ropes. And I was rewarded with one, and a handful of women come to read their books, so I got our youngster on coffee and kitchen duty, while I pounded out tables and chairs.

With a group of people, it takes very little time to crank out set up.

I was in the chair this and next week. And we read from Living Sober. Tonight’s topic was : Telephone therapy.

They tell us, over and over again that we need to go to meetings, show up early and leave late, join a home group, do service, and get phone numbers. Because when push comes to shove and you are sitting in a place that a drink is near, picking up that phone just might save your life.

We heard tonight many people share of just WHY they cannot bring themselves to pick up the phone. Some folks get on the rat wheel before even picking up the phone by engaging in inner dialogue with themselves about what the other person (whom they are about to call) will say to them before they say it !!!

There are hundreds of excuses why we cannot pick up the phone. For newcomers, that phone weighs 2000 pounds. It was suggested that if we give a phone number – get one back, so that if in over 48 hours that call doesn’t come, that we ourselves have a number to call and check on them.

I have a bunch of phone numbers on my phone. And I use the phone on a regular basis. I enjoy conversation and the back and forth. But it comes to pass that I am the one who always makes the Out Call. Very rarely does anyone call me even though my number is out there.

And I resolved this year that I wasn’t going to chase people to be friends. I see my fellows at meetings, and I have a lot of friends, in the meetings, but back at home, I don’t ever talk to many of them, many of my friends are women, and they stick with their own. They guys it is a bit harder to get them on the phone, but I did give out my number tonight to a newbie. He’s got a little over a month in and he does coffee for our Sunday meeting.

Reluctant sponsee came to the meeting tonight. With two days under his belt the topic was apropos, and I asked him to read the Steps, which he choked over. Hopefully he will heed direction this time around and really take suggestions and do what is asked of him, because if he doesn’t – he will drink again …

We sat a full compliment tonight, as one of our direct competitor meetings was shut for the night so we carried a good number from that meeting. Many of our attendees have days, some weeks, and many with less than a year sober. And with such a full room, we didn’t get all the way around to give everyone time to share, however I remind folks to be brief, I usually will never interrupt someone when they are speaking. Unless of course some (go on and on and on …)

A good night was had by all.

Next week, Remembering Your Last Drunk, Living Sober #20.

More to come, stay tuned …


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