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We are Family …

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Courtesy: TGrade 5

The snow has gone. The weather is still on the cool side. And now the great Montreal snow clean up begins. Walking to the stop tonight there were many cars parked on side streets still covered with snow, snowed into their spots. And the no parking signs are up for tonight, meaning that if the cars aren’t moved, they will be towed away for snow clearing.

I’ve been feeling a bit off the past couple of days. Me thinks I am pregnant because I’ve had morning sickness for two days. Nausea that lasts more than a few hours in one day makes for a very icky day.

Tonight we all met at the same place for the same meeting. There were a bunch of new faces in the crowd, but also many empty chairs to boot. I noticed, from where I was sitting a familiar face speaking to one of our members. I knew him from many years ago, having spent time together at other meetings. At one time I had given him one of his first chips.

Soon after he came and sat behind me and we greeted and spoke about life and goings on. And it so turned out that he was our speaker for the evening. Which made it a big “family affair.” We were well represented.

I’d never heard his whole story before, so it was interesting to hear the story of growing up gay in another cultural milieu. The family is originally from the far East but settled in the Caribbean, and our speaker, one of many children was the only son to be brought up here in Canada.

I heard many familiar words, identified with many feelings. And in the end our speaker and myself drank the same way… to excess. He would drink until he was perched on the cliff, about to go over, but steady enough to just be there. I, on the other hand, went right over the cliff at the end of a spree.

The stories of how we got here are the same. We came to the end, we hit our bottoms. And in arrogance we would compare our bottoms to others bottoms, to see who had a better story. But our man got sober eventually.

And now he’s been sober a number of years. I don’t often see him in any of the meetings I go to. It was good to see him still sober nonetheless.

We had a three year cake at the end.

It was a good night, for a smaller crowd, it was ok.

More to come, stay tuned…


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