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Thursday Thoughts …

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Courtesy: ConstableConnor

Holy week is progressing quietly. Churches around town are busy preforming the rites of the season, and the big splash will be Saturday for the Cathedral, not to mention Easter Sunday services across town. We will pull out all the stops to ring in the resurrection of Jesus.

It is raining over the city tonight. We hit the 138 for the journey to the church, which was all lit up for the service upstairs while we gathered downstairs.

I find it funny that I was talking to a friend when our speaker walked up and my friend said to her, do you know Jeremy? And she replied, yeah we’ve met… Like it pained her to acknowledge me as someone she has known for most of my sobriety.

Let’s just say our speaker and I have past. Nuff said about that.

I find it peculiar that certain people in sobriety who just won’t deign to speak to me or mention my name. There are people in the program who have no need to acknowledge me in the rooms. Long ago, in the past, there were issues with some folks I knew and friends they had, words that were supposedly spoken and reputations besmirched, that had nothing to do with me, yet some folks, even to this day treat me like shit. Their bad, not mine.

The message was the same as usual. It was interesting to hear someone confess from the chair that they are lacking in their work as per the steps and that she needs to get on them again.

Sobriety is a life long process that is an everyday event. We aren’t living properly if we aren’t working our steps actively and honestly. What happens when we take a vacation from meetings??? squirrely happens.

Lots of friends tonight. I connected with folks I want to spend time with and got to see people I miss from Tuesday night. It was all good.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. For all you Catholics out there, no meat fast on Friday. We will be heading up to North End English for the meeting and services on Saturday night. It will all be exciting.

More to come, stay tuned …


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