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Stranded on a Tuesday Night …


This post brought to you by the STM

Today was D Day. Shopping, paying bills, getting tickets and getting on with my Tuesday schedule. I was up and out early because it was the anniversary of Vendome Beginners – so I stopped at the store for some sweets.

I went to Pharmaprix on my way to the Metro to buy some things and get tickets for my Opus Card and headed for the platform. We got on the Green line headed for Lionel Groulx to switch to the Orange line to Vendome. The train departed the station and as we pulled into the St. Henri station, the tones of death rang.

We stopped, waited, no movement. The train went dark, and we waited some more, after 20 minutes I walked up out of the station and called home, to see how to get from where I was to where I wanted to go. That was a bust. I hopped on a bus BACK to Lionel Groulx hoping the Green line would be up and running.

It Wasn’t …

I’ve now used several tickets for nothing. I walked down to the platform of the train I wanted to take, and I asked a police boy if the Green line was down as well and he said yeah it was. I walked to the end of the platform and sat down and waited for a bit.

The announcement came on saying that the interruption was indefinite so I walked out of the station which was now barricaded at the entrance, and I walked up Atwater to Alexis Nihon. It was too close to seven to start down the Westmout tunnel to Tuesday Beginners, so I came home.

So much for my Tuesday Night…

Twitter said that a computer glitch downed the entire system. The city was fucked because of a computer glitch. Do you know what it is like during rush hour for the entire system to go down?



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