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Tuesday … Live and Let Live

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The week has begun. The flu is going around. Hubby has been hacking and choking for a couple of days. And I have been banking on the fact that I take so many pills a day, that my immune system should be jacked up.

However feeling discombobulated,  my brain a little mushy, I headed to the Tuesday night meeting at Trinity. I like that meeting because many of my friends go to that meeting. And any excuse to see friends is good in my book.

The topic came from Living Sober and the first slogan … Live and Let Live…

Is there someone in your life that just gets under your skin? Someone that irks you no matter how good a mood you might find yourself in? I can think of only one person in my case. I’ve learned to pray that stupidity away over time. We don’t usually attend the same meetings so we don’t cross paths very often, praise Jesus.

Putting slogans to work early in sobriety is a good thing to do. They give you the ability to work on your life in 24 hour increments, which is all we have to start with.

That is all for right now.

Need some drugs and some sleep and maybe some food.

More to come, stay tuned…


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