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Pleasure … Friday Night Edition …

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It has been a good couple of days. Yesterday I hung around doing nothing but took me and a friend to a meeting. Our last Thursday at St. Matthias, since our new meeting opens in less than a week. Lots of things still to do. Shopping for this and that. The coffee urn has been purchased, and I am waiting on a few guys to get back to me since I asked them for some favors.

Last night the speaker was a young lady that we know from our Friday night meeting. She has been doing meetings on the English side for a while, and we saw her on Tuesday night at T.B.’s … I’d never heard her share but it was well worth the trip. Much of what she said resonated with me. She is a lot different from our women in a certain way, but then again, she is “in the book” 24/7. It’s all about identity and commonality.

I was in bed by 2 and up with the birdies today. It was another work day with my sponsor. This time we are moving an architect from his Guy offices to his home in Westmount. Boxes, and Boxes, and Boxes oh my !!! My sponsor has been  working at this site for a few weeks redesigning the basement and building shelves and holders. We moved about 100 boxes or more, I didn’t keep a count, but they were numerous. We also moved roll after roll of architect drawings and plans to their new home.

What I noticed about this family is that they have a lot of stuff. Piled up all over the place. from gardening supplies to work benches to Christmas decorations and even set on wood train tracks that I image run beneath huge Christmas trees during the holidays. Tomorrow we are moving furniture, God Help Us, I don’t know where we are going to put all that stuff in an already crowded basement !

I got off work around 4 and came home and crashed. During the box portion of the moving I fell down a staircase, I was holding a heavy box on my right shoulder and went down on my left. Tonight my range of movement is not what it was yesterday on my left side. This will prove interesting tomorrow.

I showered and took a nap before this evenings outing to North End English. We finished As Bill Sees It tonight, with the Responsibility Statement.

The meeting was full the shares were sparse.

But you know I must say that I get a perverse satisfaction seeing certain people struggle. A certain man hating feminist is coming to that meeting. I’ve known her since she came in. More than eight years ago. And there are few words between us. She is always militant in her attitude. Somewhat self righteous, and indignant of men. Anyways, she came out a few weeks ago. Said that she was in a bad place, and WHY ??? Because she got complacent and decided that she didn’t need meetings anymore and that she needn’t be a member of the fellowship. And then her head went squirrely and she ended up contemplating the drink again.

There are just some people who know the drill, they come, for a while, and then they disappear, and she is just another tick in the box of what happens when we stop going to meetings, and turn on the fellowship. Boo Yah !!!

I said not one word to her tonight, nor did I recognize her from across the table. I guess that is my bad. Oh those character defects … They are dastardly !!!

We took a new route home, instead of walking to Parc and taking the 80 to Place des Arts, we took the 51 back to Laurier and the Orange to Green line transit across town to come home.

I did some supermarket safari on the way home for the weekend. Hubby is grading papers, and I think we need to eat soon.

That’s all for now.

More to come, stay tuned …


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  1. shamansmith

    Funny … The word “meeting” only occurs three times in the Big Book: once in chapter seven, twice in chapter eleven.

    April 27, 2013 at 12:59 am

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