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Grey Monday …

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It is a grey day today. There is sun, it is quite blustery out there as well. Today was “D-Day” to get all the incidentals completed for Thursday’s premier.

I met my friend and we headed off to the office store to pick up my laminates which came out really nice. We had two 3 ring binders, which I was going to buy, but since we had them all was well. I borrowed format sheets from the Sunday meeting they are quite concise and neat, so I brought them home last night and did a little white out operation and now they are ours. I had copies made of the drafts and hole punched for the book.

Then we headed to Alexis Nihon Plaza for some Dollarama Shopping. Now a days, the dollar store is no longer a “dollar” store but more like, really cheap, but not a dollar… The first trip saw us boxes for kitchen stuff, coffee, sugar, stirrers, etc. Boxes for books and the notebooks. Baskets for meeting lists and pens and membership box. And a table cloth for the literature table. I was well within budget on my spending.

We checked out and set off for the church to sort and store the new stuff in the cabinet, but I forgot to get containers for the sugar packets and stirrers and a couple of composition books for membership information and to keep historical notes for the group.

We headed home after doing our sorting and I went by Dollarama a second time and then to the grocery store for Tea, cookies and lunch. In a full member meeting, men/women combined, people drink exotic teas from all over, and many different types of tea. For our men’s meeting I went with decaf green tea, earl grey, and mulled apple. Hopefully our tea drinkers will be pleased.

The cabinet is full, the shopping is done. We are ready to rock and roll.

Opening costs:

$100.00 rent – May

$ 74.00 coffee urn

$ 35.00 cabinet purchase

$18.00 laminates

$13.00 photo copies for the book

$30.00 dollarama shop

$18.00 tea – cookies groceries Provigo

$7.00 sugar – stirrers IGA

$13.00 (2) cans of coffee – Provigo

Total: $308.00 to open a meeting.

And that all came from the founders group and not from seventh tradition yet.

More to come, stay tuned …


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