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Death of my computer Thursday update


It is Thursday and you know, it is always something! Things just can’t go according to plan all the time. It is always one thing or another. These past few weeks have been an exercise in futility and powerlessness. Money, my health, hubby’s health, finally things started looking up and we get a couple good days in, and “whooosh!!!”

Two days ago, my computer crashed out and not in a small way, but all the way. Hubby spent the better part of the past few days trying to fix it manually, hopping between the laptop and the PC … We bought more memory today because he thought it was a memory issue, and that proved to be pointless. Now we are downloading windows programs to install and maybe we need a new hard drive, hopefully we won’t loose the data on the hard drive that we had been using all along.

It has been three weeks I am on the Joel Furhman diet. G.O.M.B.S. That would be:

Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds… I also have been off soda for three weeks now. And I went to visit some friends on Tuesday night and they said I should start seeing results soon. The diet is a micro nutrient diet. It’s not so bad. Being off sugar has lessened my hunger, and the goal is to eat during the day, several times, and not to eat out of hunger.

So now I am typing on a laptop. I am not used to this kind of keyboard, it will have to do until we get the pc back up.

It is Jean Baptiste weekend here this weekend. and the following week will be Canada Day Observances countrywide.

More to come, stay tuned …



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