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Tuesday – Solutions …


It is Tuesday and the weather has been iffy all day long. We’ve been having rain and totally muggy miserable weather. Feels like Florida weather. There is massive flooding in the Western Provinces, and in the Central and Atlantic regions, it feels more like summer in July.

We usually don’t get these deeply warm trends until later in the summer and they last for a little while. But July is coming and August usually brings cooler temps. Thank God for air conditioners. We were wise to invest in one last season.

I left early this evening because of the possibility of torrential rain, because it was thundering for a few hours prior to me leaving, but no substantial rain fell. By the time I left it was just spitting rain.

The church was open when I got there. The girls were gathering to read their Big Books. And so I set out tables and chairs and made coffee. It was my last week on set up duty for the month of June.

I wanted to be free of any proper commitment to service so that if I decided to go to Vendome instead I could. Sometimes I need to be with the guys over there, instead of with the girls at T.B’s.

We sat fair numbers tonight, after a successful business meeting.

Montreal is in the running to host the 2025 International A.A. Convention and New York is sending representatives to our city in the coming weeks to scout and see just how Montreal can accommodate over 60,000 alcoholics in our city.

Meetings are being asked to send contributions directly to New York, to make sure our individual groups get documented internationally. However Montreal, as a whole sends money to New York, after our needs are met on a monthly basis.

But the individual groups who donate directly to New York prove that there are groups who are financially solvent and can make donations to New York. And with these donations from groups in Montreal, we are saying that we can accommodate thousands of people in our groups while they are here, and the donations also curry favor in our favor as a host city.

The decision should be made by end of summer.

Tonight we read from Chapter 2 in the Big Book. There IS a Solution.

This chapter has been important at many meetings I go to. We keep covering the first few chapters of the book, continuously. We can’t stress enough to newcomers that they too can get sober and become happy, joyous and free too … It may take some time, but in the end life will get better.

As we were reading I went over the graffiti that I have written in my book over the years we’ve read. My book is a jumble of highlights and underlines and side bar notes.

Several items come to mind when reading this chapter …

We are defenseless about the first drink.

That eventually in sobriety you will reach a point when all that stands between you and a drink will be your Higher Power.

ISM is not a Wasm in my head …

It was good that the shares did not get round to me by the end of the share portion of the meeting. But I was thinking about getting sober.

The first time I got sober, I got sober because I needed to because of my health. So there was another motive, other than self that was directly responsible for my sobriety.

I stayed sober for a while, but I wasn’t communicating at the end, and I surely was not rooted in the Big Book. Because had I been on both accounts, I probably would not have drank like I did.

I just walked right into a drink as my slip took place. I really did not think about it when it happened. IT just happened. First it was a drink and then a joint, and insanity ensued.

The second time I got sober, there were no other motivations or concerns. I was getting sober for me and only me and the first thing we did was read the book, and begin with the steps. There were meetings in the same location every night. And every night the format was different. So in those first 5 months, I heard the steps spoken about in a 12 step series. I had enough Big Book under my belt and Living Sober as well.

I think it is imperative that with any amount of time you have right now, that you attend at least one meeting that reads the Big Book and/or the Twelve and Twelve. That you have a sponsor that you currently work steps with. And a home group where you are participating in your sobriety.

Because without those tools. that are laid at our feet, we are just spinning our wheels and warming a chair, until at some point we engage or we go back out and drink.

Eventually we will be rocketed into the fourth dimension …

The rain stayed away and I got home without incident.

A good night was had by all …

More to come, stay tuned …


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