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Not Alone Any More

tumblr_l9jckmnvBG1qab9oro1_500 jack's empty mind

Courtesy: Jack’s Empty Mind …

The rain came. And in the end it was not as bad as they said it would be. No floods or torrential rain, however I did read there were pileups on the highways here. By the time I was up, the rain stopped falling. And the rest of the night was clear of rain.

I left a little earlier than usual, since I was making the trip by myself tonight, I made it all the way to Berri quickly. But we waited 6 minutes for a train heading North. But I still  made the 51 sitting in the bay when I reached Laurier.

It was a full house as usual, however some folks I anticipated on seeing were no shows.

Boooo !!!

Tonight’s reading spoke about The Group and Worldwide Community.

Sometimes when we come in, we stand on the outside looking in, until we sink into our seat and relax into the arms of the group. For some that takes time. The truth one admits to when we come and thereafter, the acceptance that comes also with time.

It is the group who welcomes the newcomer. This is a “We” program. And once you cross the threshold of the room, or walk down those stairs to that church basement, you are no longer alone.

It was terribly important, when I came back, that the group I became part of “Sober on South Beach 10 pm meeting,” took me in and cared for me, because I wasn’t caring very well for myself at that point.

We counted our days. We broke bread, we did everything together. And because I got sober over the holidays, there were folks who opened their homes to us to spend the holidays with people doing something other than drinking …

The mistake I made the first time, that precipitated my SLIP was that I was going to meetings, but I wasn’t GOING to meetings. I was there in body, but not mind or spirit. And becoming detached at four years and stopping communicating, thinking that nobody had to know what I was up to was a HUGE mistake.

Sobriety Lost It’s Priority.

Now I know that in order to stay sane in out of my head, I need other people. I need meetings like I need air in my lungs. And for years I have invested in meetings and to the people in those meetings. You can’t just go to a meeting and not invest. It is a two fold process.

So no matter where you are in the world, there is a room for you to visit with people who share the same issues. For the soldier overseas, the tourist in tourist cities, people who are far from home, A.A. World Group Services exist to welcome you. There are thousands of communities world wide that serve our community. So when we travel or if we are far from home, we are never very far from a meeting room and another alcoholic.

It was a good night. Good people and good words.

More to come, stay tuned…


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