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Sunday Sundries …

tumblr_l5x6wiqtIJ1qzt40qo1_500 pipius

Courtesy: Pipius

The second Holiday Weekend is going on. Tomorrow is Canada Day for Canada, and here in Quebec it is MOVING DAY … Most leases run from June to July and every year around this time people are moving.

There will be piles of furniture on the sidewalks, and animals left to fend for themselves, because we see this every year, landlord who do not permit pets so they end up on the street or at the SPCA.

Here in my neighborhood, in my building specifically, folks have been moving for the last week. And there is furniture on street corners all over the place.

Most people here in our building stay put, it doesn’t do well to have to move every year, what a pain in the ass that is. If you like where you live, why not just stay there?

The weather has been spectacular the past two days. There have been banks of clouds that roll over, but no rain to speak of. And tomorrow is the big celebration in the nation’s capitol and fireworks all over the place.

It was an early out day. And the last Sunday of the month is a tradition meeting. Tonight’s reading was Tradition Six.

It was a quick meeting – we ended very early and had our business meeting. All is all it was a good night. Got to see some friends and hang out for a bit afterwards.

That’s about all I got for right now.

More to come, stay tuned…


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