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Something to do Every Day

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Courtesy: LaurenMarek Photographer

It was a pleasant day today. Big fluffy clouds hung over us all day. I sat on my balcony for a bit watching the sun shine on them from above. Yes, I do corny things like that. Along with Blue Skies – fluffy clouds interspersed across the city was a sight.

I had lunch with a good friend this afternoon. I have a handful of friends (not in the program) that I can rely on anytime, anywhere. He married his hubby the same year I married mine. We’ve been friends for a LONG time …

Funny, the restaurant that we were going to eat at, when I got there, had no running water, so they were technically “closed” until the water came back on. But we weren’t going to wait for that. We ended up and a little French Pub down the block.

They sat us, and I noticed that the menus were in French. And the server came up and did his whole spiel about food, beer and specials. I understood everything he said which means my ear is becoming more attuned when needed. However, I had issues reading the menu, which they supplied an English menu. It was all good.

I had some time to kill over the afternoon before setting out for the church at 5:45.

UPDATE: Alexis Nihon Plaza. It is coming along nicely. They have blocked out the escalator bank in the center of the island staircase. The drop ceiling is done on one side where new shop fronts have been built, but have yet to find vendors.

That would be LEFT coming down the DOWN escalator.

To the right of the down escalator is more open floor space taken up by a walk up diner, the ink refiller, and two cell phone vendors. I noticed that they had strung new bracking for the drop ceiling to come. They are still installing new lights and fixtures.

The Tim Horton’s has moved from just outside the Metro in the tunnel staircase, back into the mall proper on the right side of the escalator bank. They are moving shops on the mezzanine level. And there are several open slots for new stores that have yet to open. I don’t know what’s going on behind the Target partition, wish we could see how they are rebuilding the space. But I guess that would spoil the great reveal come the Fall … I am guessing that all the other shops, the ones they moved from point A to point B, and those who are new, will open hopefully between now and the Fall.

Since taking pictures at the mall is against the law, I have to write it all down. UGH!

I got to the church and it was so nice outside, but I was cranking out tables and chairs when one of our older men came in. And he usually keeps his counsel, but I guess today, it was my day for an argument. I rarely get pissy – but he was kvetching about how many tables I put out and that we need a group vote to determine that we don’t need all those tables because so few people show up.

I said, I do the set up and I always set out these tables and chairs. Because my philosophy is that if you build it they will come. And his response was “How’s that working for you when nobody came last week!” I snapped and told him to go do something else and to get out of my way. Don’t you have better things to do besides argue about one or two extra tables.

And by the way – we sat 10 people tonight. So most of the chairs I set out were taken. So take that old man !!! I finished setting up and went outside to ponder, presently he came outside and apologized for his outburst. He was penitent and quiet during the whole meeting. There was no monologue, thank God.

And prey tell what did you talk about tonight? That would be Step Ten.

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

I had seen two of my friends in Westmount Square on the way in and I knew they would be coming and I emailed the members about the reading material and I had hoped we would have more folks to night, and we did.

Since the Roundup, I have been trying to find ways of augmenting my sobriety. Turning it up a notch. Stepping up my game. So we have meetings, sponsors, sponsees, the Big Book, the Twelve and Twelve, prayer and meditation, etc, etc…

We have, at home, the speakers on CD to listen to. The folks in New York really know what they are doing. They are big on all those things listed above. So much so that there are special meetings with requirements to attend. Stuff that we would never get away with here. Because we just don’t do things on the HIGH END like they do. But they came here and told us what they did and how to enhance our own sobrieties.

I cranked up my prayer life. Thanks to the prayer cards that a friend got me, I can look at them any time of the day as I sit here and before bed. A tenth step is something that you learn about when you work your steps. It is at number 10 for a reason. Because all the steps before it, prepare you to get ready to learn about self appraisal. Honest self appraisal. A tenth step you can / or/ should do daily. And hopefully something you do every day before your head hits the pillow.

We read from the Twelve and Twelve. The reading went all the way around the table and everybody got in to share. The folks had fruitful discussion and we’ve been mired in the Big Book since we opened the meeting, so I thought I’d shake it up a bit, and that choice proved to be very beneficial for our men tonight.

You can go to meetings and do service. I have been looking at how to shake things up and become proactive in my program. So prayer, reading, sharing, working, service, presence… Call your sponsor. I haven’t done that because I think I want a new one. Someone on my plane who participated in the round up, some one who can help me with what I want to do, not just the same ole same ole …

It was a good night, Everyone left with something to think about and the walk home with the guys was fruitful. One of our young men had some time to talk to a member on the way back to the Metro, so that was a good thing. Hopefull we will see these guys next week.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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