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A French soldiers lies on his mattress in a hangar at the Malian army air base in Bamako

Courtesy: Spoonsdammit

The drama of life continues. Where it is going, the jury is still out. The day began with lots of sunshine and humid air. This is as steamy as it gets here. And thankfully, steamy won’t be around for much longer. We can count the days until August begins.

Our fairy godmother – or so I assume – sent another gift to hubby.

For when I got up this morning, there was ample money sitting in my bank account.

We live in such a tight ship that everything we use is rationed and portioned. And things are so well tuned that everything runs out all at the same time. The soap bar disappears, we run out of medication, the fridge is bare and so are the cupboards.

An old wives tale says, as long as you never run out of toilet paper, money will follow. So needless to say we have a stock of T.P. in the bathroom.

I spent the early afternoon running errands. I ventured out to the village, someplace I never go unless I need something specific. So I did.

Then I went by the pharmacy to sort out my medications and get them ordered so I can pick them up tomorrow on the way to the meeting. However I forgot all the little things I needed and came home empty. UGH, I hate when that happens.

Finally I made a stop at Provigo for groceries. Did you know that a box of Rice Krispies costs almost $7.00 !!! And Ice cream runs almost $6.00, that’s for a small tub of Hagen Dazs. A pile of groceries for a weeks time cost me almost $45.00.

Fresh fruit, milk, cereal, lunch for two, ice cream, etc …

I came home and we made lunch and took our afternoon nap. Hubby is out at a Trayvon Martin vigil as I write this. Hopefully the cops aren’t in the arresting mode tonight and things go off peacefully.

Tomorrow is Thursday. The end of the week is coming. And a few days closer to the end of the month and MY birthday on the 31st.


More to come, stay tuned …


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