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Sunday Sundries …

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Courtesy: Enoemos

As I was preparing to head out, then skies darkened and the storm was coming quick. I stepped out my door and received a text to chair the meeting. It seems two of us got the same text but we worked it out …

I made it all the way to the mall and it was just spitting rain a bit. Taking the tunnel route was right, because when I got to the far side exit on Greene the rain was pouring down. A friend was waiting outside the church in the rain for me as he was frantically texting me to hurry up. I can only walk so fast.

We sat a fair number and it being the last Sunday was a tradition. Tonight we were on Tradition Seven …

“Every group should be fully self supporting declining outside contributions. ”

Lots of things ended up on the table. Alcoholics and money don’t always go together. In the promises it says “Fear of people and of financial insecurity will leave us.”

We can’t seem to cut a break when it comes to financial security. We are heavily dependent on my inlaws and that is a bitter pill to swallow. The situation is rife and tedious. Not being able to pay bills on time, and not having enough money to cover necessities is a problem.

God will provide.

Do you know how much it costs to open a meeting in today’s dollars?



And that initial donation to open a meeting came from the founders. Out of our pockets to provide a meeting to our community. And we are foundering. People are not showing up in numbers that I had hoped would materialize. And the month of August rent is going to partially be paid by the founders because we did not make rent for July. There are bills still outstanding to pay folks for what they purchased to open the meeting.

And we surely don’t have a prudent reserve in the kitty of three months rent, as we have been only open for three months now.

It is not or never mandated that you must give, but the basket goes around for those who can. It wasn’t a thought for me, when I got sober this time, my memory fails me here, but I put something in the basket, I think.

Now I try to put something in the basket at every meeting I go to, because if you go to a meeting regularly, one must invest. I’ve spoken about this before. And if you invest in the people, you also invest in the group. And in the thought, you put something in the basket, because that meeting you are at has helped you stay sober, so when you can, you give back.

As of late, cash is tight, and I have been riding on the grace of the meetings these past few weeks, I needed to be carried for a while. We have a change cup here on the desk that loose change goes into, so I usually have something to bring with me to a meeting.

I also home group at several meetings, and in that I buy milk and cookies for the meeting and so that $7.00 donation is what I give for the group. I don’t get that back from the 7th. I do it because I can.

Learning to become financially secure is tedious. It is a lesson we are still learning today. i wish I was rich, but enough to be able to pay bills on time and afford groceries and incidentals and pills all together.

A lesson for sure.

More to come, stay tuned …


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