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The Train is Leaving the Station


Courtesy: TGrade5

What an exciting week it has been all around. Lots of change going on around the berg and at home. Hubby finally got his interview for a great professional job, right up his alley, and today he started that job, shirt and tie and brand spanking new business cards of his own with an office, desk and computer.

We are very proud of him.

Finally, the train has left the station. And the last promise that has been dogging us for so many years, may finally come to pass. I am just living it one day at a time right now.

*** *** *** ***

In other berg news, the Seville Project’s next greatest opening took place yesterday with the opening of “Adonis” grocery store. It was a grand event, for the condo project, as the “in house” shopping location, with dedicated entrances and parking.

This makes 4 local grocery offerings within a five block area of our section of town. The IGA at Alexis Nihon. Adonis at Seville just up the block, and on Fort, the P&A and Provigo.

As I see it – I am now shopping at the new Adonis because they undercut all the other stores by a significant amount of money. Prices are much cheaper that what we have been paying out of pocket. Not sure how long that will last, but while the getting is good, better take advantage of the savings.

The store is beautiful. Well planned out and executed. They offer perks that the other stores do not by way of full restaurant, fish monger, cold cuts and butcher block, a cheese and deli service, and plenty of fresh foods across the vegetable and fruit selections. And their prices are much cheaper than the rest.

I went by yesterday and also tonight on the way home. The neighborhood has been very welcoming and the opening has brought a new buzz in the area, with more people now living at the Seville, the people coming to shop, and all the steady business that the 3 block area is now producing.

*** *** *** ***

Set up was quick, and we sat a small  number. But small and intimate is a good format. Lots of time to share. If we seat at least one or two newcomers on a weekly basis, it’s all good.

The topic came from A.B.S.I. and the word CHANGE.

The only thing that we have to change in sobriety is EVERYTHING !!!

And that takes time, energy, creativity, hard work and a little honesty.

It was a good night. And it has been a good week. For the first time all is well in the world. Now that the train has left the station, life is only going to get better, and it better, we’ve been waiting for a long time for this change to come.

More to come, stay tuned …


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