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Foundation for Life

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Courtesy:Christopher Jordan

It has been an eventful week so far. The weather is holding, minor showers fell overnight – the streets were wet when I went to bed last night. But the days have been clear and breezy.

Today was an interesting day in home issues. We’ve had issues with repairs that are needed both in the kitchen (the sink has never been a problem since it was first installed. And now it is leaking from the tap and from under the sink, into the cabinet itself. ) And our bathroom really needs a re-up. The man who lives above us is an older gentleman and is rather portly. And the ceiling has been leaking water for months. And now there is mold and rust appearing across the ceiling that must be addressed.

So this afternoon – after cleaning out the kitchen sink cabinet and finding too much water damage and minor flooding, I went downstairs to report that we had needs.

And I feel kind of “wrong” asking for things to be fixed for some strange reason.

The work needed is gonna cost, which will translate into higher rent. But we’ve lived here for almost fifteen years and we’ve never had problems like this before. That’s why you pay rent and there are men to fix things when they break or need fixing…

I had to clear out the closet because the water shut off is in a wall box, in the bedroom closet. And they will be here first thing tomorrow morning.

I cleaned up the apartment and scrubbed the kitchen and vacuumed as well, so that everybody is happy and that the apartment is clean.

Hubby arrived from work a little bit before I set out for the church. The shopping mall is under massive construction. All along the outside of the building they are retrofitting the exterior with new signage meanwhile inside the mall, many spaces are going up. Both floors have construction walls up and they are still filling out the ceiling on the ground floor. Target is due to come on line in a few months, (e.t.a. late fall). The facia on both floors is being refitted and when finished will look really nice.

The brand new Cinq Saisons opened on Greene. It is a high end grocery store located in a brand new million dollar condo project on the way to the church. The intersection outside the condo is being laid in marble with brand new sidewalks, planters, and foliage. We did not go inside because it was packed, but there is a very nice bistro like patio out front on De Maissonneuve and they have not finished the rework of the intersection – it is still closed.

We sat a handful of people tonight. And my fellow in crisis came as well, and finally I was able to exchange numbers with him. Eventually when you go to enough meetings, you will eventually get around to talking about God. (As we Understand him) And if you come around the God, then the next topic that follows will be prayer and meditation.

And that was our topic from As Bill Sees It and “Foundation for Life.”

“We discover that we receive guidance for our lives to just about the extent that we stop making demands upon God to give it to us on order and on our terms.

In praying, we ask simply that throughout the day God place in us the best understanding of His will that we can have for that day, and that we be given the grace by which we may carry it out.”

And so the topic went out and quiet fell around the table.

How does one come to pray and therefore learn to meditate?

It takes time, practice and devotion.

I’ve been thinking during my days now, when I have noting to do and I am tired of staring into this box, what to do … And not once does prayer or meditation come to mind. However I have my prayer cards and daily reflections right here on the desk.

I work in a little prayer throughout the day. Every day, at least once a day someone asks for prayers on Facebook. And in that moment, one prays.

When I set up the church, I meditate as I set down chairs. A practice that I began some years ago when a member I knew then was in dire straits. So began my member meditation. As I set down a chair, I being to mind a face of someone who always sits in that chair as I set it down. And i commune with God in that hall on a regular basis. (because God favors our hall).

I read literature at night and before bed. I don’t write every night, but when I do write I mention at least someone who is troubled whom I think may benefit if I mention their name to God at some point in my day.

We all find our groove, however long it takes. We really need to take a few moments every day to pray honestly, humbly and patiently. I learned that the hard way, when it was all about me, and not about others.

When my expectations were wiped from the slate and God’s needs were replaced. It is practice…

We all walked home together.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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