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Sunday Sundries … Ordination Day

tumblr_mruhryw0iP1rk0u8zo1_500 teddybear by sigmaspyonflickr

Courtesy: Teddy Bear – Sigmaspy on Flickr

It was a festive day today. Hubby and I had appointments at the beauty parlor to get our hair done earlier this afternoon. I have to say that our girl does good hair. Hubby was pleased with my haircut.

I did a bit off odd shopping for the main event today which was the ordination of my mentor and best friend Donald. The years of work, teaching, studying, a stint in the deaconate and today’s final ordination into the Anglican Priesthood.

It was good that I left a little early, because the church was packed by the time I had arrived. But I snagged a seat – in the same – reserved row – where Donald was sitting. It was high church with pomp and circumstance.

As usual the music was heavenly.

We congratulate the following ordinates:

Mr. Alain Brosseau

Mrs. Adrienne Clements

Mr. Lorne Eason

Mr. Nicolas Pang

Mr. Brian Perron

Mr. Robert Callender

and the Reverend Dr. Donald Luc Boisvert

It was a privilege to be part of one of the biggest days in their lives and to share today with a sanctuary full of people was amazing.

The photos came out pretty good seeing I wasn’t seated front and center, but more off to the left hand side of the sanctuary.

It was a good day.

More to come, stay tuned …


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