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Reflection Thursday

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Another glorious day goes down in the books. And sunshine is on tap for days to come. Night time temps are getting low. But not as low as I’d like. However I did spy, not far from here, trees that are colors other than green. I can see them from my balcony.

The end of the month is always exciting, for many reasons. Our little Group that Can met for another business meeting. And this month (September) we have finally paid off all our debts to group members who footed the bill to open the meeting in May. The opening expenses came out a little more than $300.00 cad.

This evening we made our final payout to one of our members, which means that we are free and clear for the kitty to pay into prudent reserve. A.A.W.S. sent out their fall letters advising us that New York is on their push for end of the year donations from groups worldwide.

Our area (Montreal) collects donations from groups here in the city. When groups can, they send donations to the area. And the area pays out all their bills and accounts. They distribute materials to corrections facilities and other areas that request materials.

After all else is paid, the area sends monies directly to New York in a lump sum. If we decide to send monies to the area (plus) a donation to N.Y. G.S.O we can allocate part of that donation to go ahead to New York from our (group name and donation).

New York then records the donation from a specific group and under our group number that is assigned, our donations are listed (per group), and not from a lump sum that is not portioned from specific groups.

The holidays will soon be upon us. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then the mad rush for Christmas begins. Halloween won’t be over before we begin to see decorations and merchandise up in stores. And I brought up the possibility that our group collect a humble donation for the parish church we meet in for their Christmas Basket Program that takes place each December.

That note is in the book to be discussed later on.

We made rent again, which means we are doing well as a group. Besides group members at least 2 to 3 guests come each week for the meeting.

Tonight’s topic came up which dealt with The Promises.

When did you first hear them, when did they begin coming true for you and how did they come to fruition for you?

The promises are read at numerous meetings in the city. They appear in the Big Book at Step nine. In total there are 182 promises in the book. We each got a sheet with the promises on them. And every experience from the group was different. No two stories are the same.

I remember coming in this time around and it taking a good amount of time for my brain to defog and my self esteem begin to rise again. Going to the same meeting, every night, in the same location (in addition to) going to other meetings in the area gave us a sorted look at sober materials.

The first ninety days the newcomers counted days. We heard the steps presented over 12 weeks. We read from Living Sober and the Big Book.

However, I did not work my steps until I was almost a year sober, here in Montreal. I joined a 17 week series with my sponsor. And when we reached step 4, over half the men that came, left … They could not complete the work. Most went back out and drank. At the last meeting of the series, only 4 men were left. Two sponsees and their sponsors.

I remarked tonight that (God is doing for us what we could not do for themselves) began to come true well before I got sober. Because it was not me that was taking care of things as they happened. They just did.

When I came here to Montreal, the first real lesson I learned was to stay in my day and one day at a time it. I was rooted in a Home Group and I was doing service and I was making meetings all over the place.

God was doing for me – what I could not do for myself.

Over time, I am looking back in hindsight, It is only after the fact that I can honestly speak to the affect of the promises. Because we read them all the time, one can get “yeah, yeah … some day” Sometimes quickly sometimes slowly.

When I met my then boyfriend, we had a roof over our heads and old and broken appliances and hundreds of beer bottles to return to the store for deposit. We needed paint, we needed to shop and we needed new things, it was very clear.

Over the last 11 years, this apartment is a representation of the promises.

We started cleaning and returning bottles. That took some time. We did not have cable tv, or a color television. We had rabbit ears and foil on the antennas.

Over time, we got rid of the old appliances and we earned enough money to paint a little and begin building a home out of a hole in the wall.

The Promises began to come to pass. We were going to meetings, we were sober for a while. Life threw us a few bad cards and we dealt with them as we were able. And we were victorious over time.

As a result of surmounting difficulty, a wedding took place, in a small chapel in front of sober friends and a bit of family. A BIG promise came true that day.

And over the years we have grown and remained sober. The one outstanding promise that still dogs us is (Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us). Finally about two months ago, we hit a new benchmark in that area.

I think, humbly and honestly, we have crossed that threshold.

At some point, if you stick around long enough, and you keep coming back, you will see the promises begin to materialize in front of you. And those will be happy days. And you yourself will be able to say, that the promises came true for you too.

It was a good night.

More to come, stay tuned…





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