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Citizens Again… Friday A.B.S.I.

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The stellar weather continues. It was cool enough for a hoodie.

Since I was traveling alone, I departed Uber early because I was ready to go early. And it was a 2 minute transit night. In fact in both directions there were trains in the station when I arrived at my connections.

I like to get there early, to help set up and to coast into the night as people show up. I get to greet and talk to the folks. The most important part of the meeting is the 20 minutes before and the 20 minutes after.

It was a full house.

A.B.S.I. page 21 was our topic.

“I just know that you are expected, at some point, to do more than carry the message of A.A. to other alcoholics. In A.A. we aim not only for sobriety – we try again to become citizens of the world that we rejected, and of the world that once rejected us. This is the ultimate demonstration toward which Twelfth Step is but not the final step.”

I’ve spoken at length about what it means to be a member of a home group, and also the groups you regularly attend during your week. You can be one of two people. One – a seat warmer … or Two – an active participant.

Over time, we grow into our chairs. We begin to invest in each other and our lives as people, as fellows who have suffered greatly, and come together to share experiences.

I heard a member say tonight that “It isn’t much the words that we speak, but the experiences, that help each other…”

We’ve done our respective time in purgatory and now we are trying to dig ourselves out of that morass. And in time that does take place. We come together for each other. In a grand sense, we are working the twelfth step by just showing up. Because every time we show up we embolden the others who come as well. By showing up we state that we care.

There are particular folks I always look for at certain meetings, because usually, that is the only meeting I see them at, and if I miss my chance to say a few words to them, I won’t get another chance for another week.

An invitation to another meeting is a handy way to get to see someone on another occasion other than the first time. And sometimes I must be wiley and get that invitation out so that my friend will respond and say, “Yeah, I will show up, I have nothing planned so there won’t be an excuse to miss it.”

Reach out that hand, You never know when you may change a life.

I made a few phone calls before the meeting – following up on projects that I am invested in – to make sure all the loose ends are tied up and that next week – we will have what we need.

This blog is another tool for outreach to the masses. I write often. Never knowing who is reading – but I have a good sense of how many people are subscribed either to the blog or twitter, or Facebook.

With the new interface, when I publish once, I get cross publication across ALL of my social media websites. And they are all interconnected so nowadays, my friends on facebook get to read the posts because they appear in my feed, so I am reaching more folks than just here on the blog.

They say that you suit up and you show up and you do the work, with humility and the fact that when you do good work, don’t go looking for praise, we should do what we do because we aught to, “because this is who we are” not for glory or ego.

On the odd occasion I get a note from someone out there saying thank you or that they come and read and are uplifted. The other day I got a call from a friend just to say thank you for being part of …

It is good to be useful and to be part of a community where your presence is the most important part of being who you are.

Every day I get to be present for my friends.

Life is full and my cup overflows.

I’m just grateful for somewhere to go where I can sit and be me without having to perform or be someone who I am not. I get to be me. We get to be Us.

And then we become WE.

A good friend took an 11 year cake. We are all so very proud of him. It was a great way to end the usual Friday meeting.

Cake, friendship and fellowship.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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