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Recovery Through Giving – Tuesday

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It was a stellar day today. It was bright and very warm this afternoon. I farted around the house all day surfing and watching some tv, (thankfully not one political oriented show all day long).

Most of the day was spent watching a team of roofers – tear up, by hand, axe and sledge, an apartment building roof next door to our building. It took them all day long to complete the job, and they were quite efficient too …

There was a small crane in the alley behind which took all the refuse off the roof and deposited it on the ground into awaiting trucks to be hauled away, and then deposit all the stuffs one needs to re-roof a roof.

Can you say sweaty, dirty, humpy men …

It is the 1st of October. There are jack-o-lanterns on my front door. Thanksgiving is not far off. It is cooler tonight than it has been in recent evenings. I mentioned the trees on the street below have turned, and already the leaves are falling from the trees, so the street and sidewalk are awash in yellow.

I departed early because it was change day at Trinity. And the one thing we forgot to do was leave a sign on the door re-directing people to the new space.

We are just up the road from Trinity, and a beautiful little parish of Notre Dame de Grace. We took all our stuff upstairs to the small room we now use, and there was no dedicated space for us to store our stuff, so we appropriated some cabinet space – hopefully that won’t piss off the others.

Our huge coffee urn is sitting underneath the sink which is too small to service our urn, UGH! We were a few folks to start off the meeting and halfway in another handful of folks turned up late, having spent time standing outside of Trinity waiting for the meeting to open, until someone called inter group to find the meeting address.

Since we are a beginners meeting, I needed to find something meaningful from the readings to share, and I opted for A.B.S.I and Recovery through Giving.

Bill writes: “In the first six months of my own sobriety, I worked hard with many alcoholics. Not a one responded. Yet this work kept me sober. It wasn’t a question of those alcoholics giving me anything. My stability came out of trying to give, not out of demanding that I receive.”

The Big Book states that nothing guarantees our sobriety like working with another alcoholic.

In order to keep it I must give it away freely, as it was freely given to me. Some old timers sometimes forget what it was like back in the day when they got sober and working with a newcomer brings us back to those days.

All the suggestions, carrying one another to meetings, reading the books and just being supportive is important. Every time we step into a meeting, we are extending our hands to the newcomer, as they are the most important part of a meeting.

We hope that with this new space, a dedicated space, with no one coming or going or the fact we were in such an informal setting at Trinity, we are hoping that our numbers will rise and we will continue to do the work we set out to do when this meeting opened.

A bit ironic …

Vendome Beginners was opened because of a resentment.

At the time, a few years ago, when Tuesday Beginners decided to close our speaker meeting and drop to one meeting, a number of our folks asked to give them keys and allow them to operate a second meeting at our space, so that the speaker meeting could stay open. Out trusted servant said no. So they took their resentment and went to Trinity and opened a Beginners Meeting deliberately against ours at an earlier time.

Those men who opened that meeting did not last long at Trinity, because due to assholes and egos, the original founders departed Trinity and handed the meeting off to the team who run it now. And I moved from Tuesday beginners to Vendome so that I could work with other men, because Tuesday is now over run with women.

We were missing a few folks this evening. And the discussion was sparse, the reading opens with words spoken to a sponsee from their sponsor. Having read the piece twice to two different groups of people during the same hour, the reading is very gender specific, and there were a number of women at the meeting, so I carefully changed the pronouns when reading it out loud.

None of the books are very gender equal. Back in the day when the books were written and printed, there were more men than women in alcoholic circles, until groups began to attract women. The stories in the back of each of the four editions carry stories written by long sober men AND women.

The meeting was a great success.  Our guests were very happy with the new room. It is UP in the church steeple tower with Big Bright Windows.

OOOOPS I just forgot – the slogans were sitting on a windowsill and I wonder if someone packed them away at the end of the meeting, if not someone is gonna find them out – needing to be put away … ugh …

The 24 bus runs from our side of town down Sherbrooke up Decarie to NDG Avenue, or I can take the train from Atwater and change to the Orange line up two stops and walk down the hill to the church.

We’ll see how this works out in the winter.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned…


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