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Sunday Sundries … The Sun is Gone

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They say “All good things must come to an end…” And so they have. The warm wonderful sun that has dominated our area has gone, and has been replaced by dark clouds and rain.

The rain, they say will last throughout the next week. UGH !!!

And it isn’t real rain, like showers of water falling from the sky, but piddly, enough rain to warrant carrying an umbrella because you might just get plopped on the head by a big drop of water.

The clouds are dark and ominous, hanging over the mountain at this hour. And a feature of living where I do is that it seems, the clouds come all the way down to the top of the mountain. It seems, when they come, that the clouds reach down out of the sky and reach for the tops of buildings and across to the South Shore.

But I noticed that they had sprayed the air over the city over the past week, several days there were chem trails in the sky. Always originating from the West/North West to the South and East.

Since it was raining and I had stops to make on the way, I departed uber early. And the lights were on in the church but the door was locked. There was a young man sitting in the vestibule reading, he seemed engrossed in whatever he was doing, so I left him alone and went on with set up.

My set up partner asked him what he was doing in the church and he said he was waiting for the meeting – he was a newcomer and was hanging out since early afternoon – because there was a concert upstairs earlier in the day.

One of our long time members came in from Tokyo yesterday for his grandmothers 90th birthday and will be here for the week, he flies back to Tokyo on Sunday morning, next.

While here he is taking his 14 year cake on Tuesday night at T.B.’s …

It was a nominal crowd. Folks in town are always itchy when it comes to weather. If it rains, the slackers don’t show, and especially when it snows, people stay home, instead of faring out in the inclement weather. You know who really needs a meeting when the weather is down.

We completed the reading of “Our Southern Friend.” This is a funny little story, because it is written in Present Tense, with very stilting language. There is no past nor future, the writer speaks in the “now.”

The second half of the story our man is still in the throes of alcoholism, and he is introduced to similar folks and those BUZZWORDS we hear at meetings come up in discussion.

Words like Prayer … God … Serving Others … Getting out of ones head …

And the Question that rises to many a newbies mouth …

“Who am I to say there is no God ???” And also that “There is a God, and no you are not He.”

It seems, during the reading that the solution comes to our man in pieces but the story does not end in a spiritual experience that totally converts him to believing in God and getting sober, but it is inferred that he takes all these buzzwords on board and comes to the realization that there is in fact “A Solution.”

Alcoholism in the 1930’s and 1940’s was as much a killer as it is today. And reading old stories puts us in the mind of those men / and women, who came to learn of the disease and how they conquered the drink.

Because it is insidious. And the book warns us about “Constant Vigilance.”

If we are not careful, while we are in a meeting, alcoholism is out in the parking lot doing push ups, just waiting for us to come outside. And if we are not vigilant the disease speaks to us – telling us that we aren’t really alcoholics…

Last night I was reading Lorna Kelly’s book, “In the Footsteps of the Camel” I was in the mood for some light reading before bed. And she talked about resentments, making amends, forgiveness and meditation.

Meditation she says is that we picture for ourselves a wheel. And we are standing in the center hub of that wheel. And the spokes, as they radiate out, are escape tunnels. In the beginning, we may want to resort to old behavior and use those escape routes rather than get sober.

But as we get sober and stay sober, those escape routes close up. We have put down the drink, we have gotten rid of bad people and situations, we stop going to sticky places and doing sticky things. We begin to cultivate sobriety.

And at some point we are still standing in the hub of the wheel. And for a time it might get boring, or that nothing is going on, we are not growing, and for that resolution … The only way is UP and spiritual growth is what should take place. We attain some modicum of spiritual/emotional sobriety.

Going to meetings, working with others, doing service. There are three sides to the recovery triangle. Recovery, Unity and Service. At some point you should be involved in all three areas.

The weather is changing and winter is going to march in very soon. And that is going to put a wrench into the lives of our sober folks. Leaving early to make buses, and Metros, walking from here to there and in between to get to a meeting.

I kind of want to make an advisory warning here …

We like to say that if it rains, we get to a meeting and if it snows, we get to a meeting, because even in the worst of weather, at some point or other, we would have braved a hurricane to get alcohol when we were drinking, so there really is no excuse for you NOT to get to a meeting.

Especially your Home Group. That is non-negotiable.

The stories in the back of the book begin with the worst case scenarios and the worst off drunks. And incrementally, the stories change in tone, as the stories change. We still have at least another hundred pages of reading before we completely finish this pass through the Big Book.

The church caretaker brought us some goodies to eat and he described some of the treats as “sinfully good!” So we had a little meeting and we ate a little sin. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday Evening.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned…


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