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Tuesday Hope and Celebration

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Courtesy: Minhos21

They say in Montreal that if you don’t like the weather, wait twenty minutes. When it comes to large periods of weather time, the weather has been known to change by the hour on the official Environment Canada Website.

The other night I checked the site and noticed that rain was on tap for the balance of the week, I even said that here. Now the site says, and was spoken about last night on the local CTV news, that there would be SUN and no RAIN throughout the week and through Thanksgiving, which is this weekend (Monday), but we will cook on Sunday, for an early lunch before the Sunday Evening Meeting.

Today it was bright and sunny out. I got a ride out to the meeting because I needed to deliver the bins I bought at the TIRE yesterday.

Let me tell you about yesterday… It RAINED !!!

I was hoping to get to the mall and back, a 4 block walk from home to the mall, and not get SOAKED in between. I couldn’t see the South Shore from the balcony which meant the rain was coming in our direction. And so it did.

I waited the approximate twenty minutes and it was drizzling. I was in no mood to carry an umbrella and bring back bins AND an umbrella, so I departed the building. It was raining steady. I bounced over to the mall and did my shopping, and I was carrying two huge rubber bins back. I hit the outer door and it was POURING …

I did not wait twenty minutes, rather I took the Forum route and up the street with carrying the bins over my head to protect me from the rain, my clothes got soaked but I had my bins.

Last night it was cold and miserable – so we turned the heat on overnight.

We arrived at NDG around 5:15 and we started packing the bins with our stuff. I took out the coffee pot and started filling it, and once again I forgot that we have a newbie on coffee this month, and here I was doing his job …

There’s a resentment in there somewhere …

We sat a fair number – but folks are still trickling in late, they must be going to the old location before remembering that we moved.

Since we are a Beginners Meeting, and we focus on steps 1,2, and 3 … I needed to find something appropriate to read for the meeting. I chose not to use the “Go To” Book A.B.S.I. instead I went with my Daily Reflections.

I opened the book to the first page that presented itself, I was leafing through the first three months (Jan, Feb and Mar) Steps 1,2 and 3 …

And came up with March 2 and the Title: HOPE

Really it was the first sentence that got me because of where I am in my head right now … “Few experiences are of less value to me than fast sobriety…”

The reading continues talking about hope.

The words: Expectations, Resentments, Patience and Hope all came up in discussion.

Our numbers of newbies fluctuates weekly, we range from 5 months sober to decades of sobriety and a few points in between.

I was the only one in the room to focus in on that particular sentence.

“Fast sobriety.”

They say, and I’ve seen it happen, that the Pre-Cake roller coaster doesn’t usually leave the station until 30 days out. It seems that my coaster decided to leave early …

A couple of days ago, the rumination of my 12th anniversary popped up on my radar screen. It was just a mere thought that flitted through, it didn’t stop and take root, until I decided to entertain it.

That happened yesterday, for some reason.

I’ve been happily going about my days, doing housework, shopping and hitting my meetings. I guess I entertained the thought because my friend took his 14 year cake tonight at Tuesday Beginners.

We left NDG about ten to 8 and arrived at St. Leon’s in Westmount around 8 so we has plenty of time to get a seat, if there were any, and there was one. As I sat down the Sunday Niters were seated where I sat down and they were prepping the cake in the kitchen, I got to light his candles …

The room was packed as usual. We got there in time to hear him speak about his sobriety and how he stays sober in rural Japan, where he has to travel 3 hours on a bullet train to Tokyo for a meeting, because there are no meetings in Northern Japan.

Thank God for Skype, the internet and fellowship.

I’ve been mulling about where I want to take my cake, my sponsor is ensconced at T.B.’s and I am no longer Home Grouped there. I could take my cake there if I wanted to. My anniversary falls on a Monday this year. (not a meeting night for me, in any case) which means I could take it any night after that date. (Dec 9).

The most important place to take my cake would be the Tuesday night Beginners Meeting in NDG, and not the Thursday night men’s meeting.

Because many of my friends go to the Tuesday night meeting and that’s usually the only night I get to see them. Which means asking my sponsor to forgo a meeting to give me a cake on a competing night, just earlier.

I have been keeping a watch out for growth over time. Because it has seemed that I’ve been on a plateau for a while. But a few insights have perked out of my brain in this little while. Thank God for slow sobriety.

It doesn’t come overnight, and surely not quickly. Sobriety is for life, once you commit to staying stopped for the rest of your life. I know when I hit 10 years, just prior, I was waiting for something exciting to happen, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The last really exciting thing that happened in my life was the West island Roundup in May. The fire was lit. And it has been burning since then.

I had to work through the fact that guys don’t work sobriety like the girls do and that my sobriety was just as important and how I live my sobriety meant something and not to be discounted.

I stayed on course, went to my meetings, talked to my friends and just went with the next thing in front of me. I’ve noticed that keeping this running conversation going has enhanced my sobriety. I’ve come to some new decisions and had new realizations in certain areas of my life.

I’ve worked very hard at actively listening to the people I hear at meetings. Because sometimes God chooses certain people to pass along messages.

And if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss something.

Tomorrow is the 2 month mark out.

It’s a reminder to stay in my day and live in the moment. I don’t have expectations – they are a waste of time. I just haven’t figured out what I want to do this year. I need to chat this out with my sponsor because we really haven’t had a real chat out in a long time. Since he is at one group and I am at another.

Hope is important. It keeps us energized and willing to listen for God.

I’m listening.

It was a festive night with cake and candles. 14 years is a long time, especially when you come in as a teen ager. We are proud of our young man tonight.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned…


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