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Help, Thank You and WOW !!!

Pope Francis in a selfie photo

The stellar days just keep stacking up. In past years, October has always been a toss up, weather wise. We have seen snow, here in Montreal during the month of October. But if recent weather is a sign, we won’t see snow for a little while longer at least.

All the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner is complete, sans that Blueberry Pie I was eying at the store yesterday, sadly, they were sold out this evening and I did not buy the one that was on offer for twice the price.

I was beginning to get scared that we wouldn’t get a turkey because the ones on offer at Provigo were priced at $30.00 a bird … That is too much money !!!

Hubby picked one up at IGA for $1.79 a pound which was much more responsible and affordable. We will be serving a 10 pounder on Sunday.

It was nice, and I was ready, so I left early or so it seemed. I reached the far end of the tunnel in Westmount, I was on final approach for the church and the bells were ringing … They always ring at 6 o’clock.

I guess it took me longer to walk the tunnel than usual, because I left before quarter till the hour and I arrived with the bells.

I cranked out set up and sat outside for a long time. Folks did not turn up until close to 7 for a 7:30 start, and our chair for the night crept in just before 7:30.

We read from A.B.S.I. and “Groping for God.”

Bill writes from a letter dates 1960 …

“More than most people, I think, alcoholics want to know who they are, what this life is about, whether they have divine origin and an appointed destiny, and whether there is a system of cosmic justice and love.”

Reading reading goes to talk about the drink, and how, like many people get stuck in seeking the divine within the bottle. For some, in the beginning, alcohol and drugs create a spiritual experience but it does not take long for those experiences to go south, so to speak.

In my studies of Religion and anthropology over the past decade, there are specific drugs and methods of attaining spiritual experiences while using those drugs. Ayahuasca and a handful of other psychedelic drugs are well known in certain circles that are used in the pursuit of spiritual knowledge.

I once took a class in University that studied the many traditions and practices of native and seekers of other worldly experiences who use psychedelic means to reach spiritual heights. Never alone, and surely with someone guiding the seeker within his or her experience.

Anyways… I digress … That’s a whole other post in itself.

In any case, the discussion of all things God came around again. One of our men was fresh off a retreat with the Cistercian community, about an hour out of the city. And he was sharing with us what the week was like for him.

Our little men’s group that can is small and intimate. We get down to the nitty gritty. And nothing is off base when it comes to sharing with others here.

You may not know this, but alcoholics, in recovery are very spiritual people. In the end, it is all about spiritual attainment, or finding a power greater than yourself that will help you stay stopped.

The steps, as written are, in few words, a practice in groping. And our chair reiterated the Third Step… “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him.”

For the beginner who is just entering the room, it may seem dark and unfriendly, until he gets to know others in that particular room. Everybody has come in for their own reasons, but in the end, we are all groping in the dark for a God who will help us. What ever that God may be.

You know “God”

Get Out Doors

Good Orderly Direction

Group of Drunks

God …

I’ve spent my entire time in sobriety looking for God as I understand Him. I went to university to study religion. I did my time in Pastoral Ministry, from studying religion to how to serve within a religious community and at large. I even went as far as Theology, thinking that I needed a Masters Degree to “know it all,” But that final step was a bit too much for me to handle.

And I’ve found, as I approach 12 years that the God I have always known, the one I held sacred for all my life is the same God I seek today. Life is like a litany of God experiences. I can’t count them all, well, I can, but that would take hours of writing and really, if you want to read all about them, go to my PAGES…

anyways, where was I, oh yes, God .

A couple of days ago I was writing here and a sacred truth popped up in my head and I wrote it down, and it wasn’t until I read it back, did it make sense for me. God’s voice was very clear, and it told me where to go, or more like it,

where to RETURN to …

I read the word “Grope” and the visual of a drunk, spittle coming from his mouth, laying on the pavement, trying to get a hand up … It isn’t pretty.

People come here and they read. I’ve gone another step in inviting friends, here in my sober circle to read. And this blog, in all it’s simplicity, is Spiritual.

One friend told me that he thought I was brave in making a “self statement” and stand up for myself and be proud of who I am. This little sacred space, I created it, and filled it with all that I believe is sacred. There are hundreds of entries here that chronologically tell you the story of my life and how I got here to this point.

We may not share the same God, or the same belief, or the same values.

I know who God is and I know who God is not.

A lifetime of spiritual pursuit and two university degrees have been the tools I have used to learn about God. I not only have belief, but two diplomas that give me the right to speak on certain topics – with certainty.

Life has given me a voice to speak on a number of topics – with certainty.

You could not buy what I know – because personal knowledge/experience is priceless.

We all have some knowledge. Do you use yours? Does it serve you and does it serve others? Do you make a mark on your world, for the people around you?

Who Am I, Where did I come from, where will I go when its all over ???

I know the answer to some of these questions.

The rest is faith, plain and simple.

I’m rambling, which means I should stop writing.

More to come, stay tuned …

And there is more … I forgot to tell you about this title for this post …

A fellow mentioned in a meeting that there are three types of Prayer …

1. HELP, as in help me stay sober, etc …

2. THANK YOU, as in Thank you for today and all it brought me and I learned from

3. WOW … Because I just don’t have words to speak !!!

ok, I am going now. Bye !!!


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  1. Frank

    Have a great Thanksgiving, celebrate with those you love and important to you.

    October 11, 2013 at 12:02 pm

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