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Thursday Thoughts …

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Well, the weather sure is a changing. The rain comes overnight, and the days have been clear and sunny. But in the coming days, the night time temps are dropping into low single digits close to the freezing mark, but not just yet.

It was a busy day here at the hood. Bills had to be paid, errands run all over town, and a little supermarket safari on the way home. I was up early so that I could run my errands, and get back here with plenty of time to snag a washer and dryer before the housewives got them.

I paid my bills online, and set out for the “Core” shortly after 10. I had to get tickets for my Opus card, and then Metro to the mall. I half expected to see scaffolding up in preparation for Xmas decorations. But that may be a little premature, as Halloween hasn’t happened yet. But I am sure the malls are getting itchy about now.

My first stop was Indigo to buy some books. A perk I don’t get to do very often so it was special nonetheless. Christopher Rice has written a new thriller and I’ve been following it on Facebook for months now. So here it is:


I haven’t cracked the cover yet, as it is sitting on my bedside just waiting to be read. We are hoping that the Rice crew makes it up to Montreal for a book signing. Although no dates have been put up yet, and I haven’t asked about it in the forum.

I also picked up a book on Pope Francis, Titled: Pope Francis, Untying the knots, written by Paul Vallely. There were a number of books in the category about him, but this one seems more biographical, instead of the question and answer format. If I want questions and answers I can read his blog on the National Catholic Reporter, of which I am a subscriber.

Pope Francis seems so genuine and honest. And the image we have of him today is directly informed by his actions and words thus far. And I like what I see and I am encouraged by what I hear.

Me thinks I will be reading two books at the same time.

Tonight at the meeting a fellow member brings me books from his home library to read, so to date I have 6 books waiting to be read. And new books take priority, especially books that I want to read for me.

One the way back I took the long route back through Atwater to pick up my pills from the pharmacy and boy was I surprised when I hit the station.

As you are approaching the station from either the mall entrance or coming FROM the platform, there are 2 passages connecting the mall to the station proper.

They have entirely broadened the footprint of store frontage on the ground floor. Many of the cell phone kiosks have been either moved/or/ removed. There was a diner in front of the Target storefront, that is now gone. So all the meal services have been removed from the ground floor, (there were two).

They have blocked off more floor space adjacent to Target, farther towards the tunnel. Which means, they have sealed off one passageway into the Metro Station. That passageway is now re-routed through an old storefront (the old Tim Horton’s space) And now ALL the traffic from BOTH passageways drain into one hallway. Which is dangerous during rush hour. Because you only get one staircase up – towards the station – and traffic coming out of the station into the mall is heavy and trying to navigate one passage is a problem. However the redirect from the closed doorway is open. It is just, both passageways feed into one passage into the mall instead of two. Instead of having two traffic lanes, you have one. Until the build is finished.

They have re-tiled areas on the ground floor. And there is studding on the floor, I don’t know what purpose it serves just yet. Up on the mezzanine floor outside of Pharmaprix and the IGA, the building walls have been extended to the back passage out of the mall, that drains in front of Dawson College across the street. There is a great deal of real estate behind build walls both on the ground floor and the mezzanine. This is going to be a BIG reveal when they finish it.

*** *** *** ***

I had the afternoon to hang around and a power nap before setting out again for the meeting. And once again, I left early, walked the tunnel, and as I exited out onto Greene, I could hear the bells ringing at the church. Now either I am getting old, or walking slower than usual, but I usually walk cranked with tunes, so it can’t be that slow.

I got there just at the top of the hour and cranked out set up and went outside to sit, but it is getting darker earlier and earlier here. By 6:30 it was dark outside. It was quarter to 7 and folks were showing up.

We read from the Big Book and steps six and seven. And the discussion was centered on the inventory we take and the being ready for God to take away all of our character defects.

When it came to me to speak, I was the last, because I really did not know what I was going to say, so I hoped it would come last. I related the story about when I got sober the first time and the lessons I learned from Todd over that first year.

All those defects I carried and all those issues I had and all those problems I thought I had and I thought were important, were slowly and carefully excised from my life through the work that I did for the bar. I can’t express fully how that occurred (so you need to go read the pages) the stories are all there if you want to peruse the stacks.

Today, being married is a great exercise in keeping your character defects in check. Because I have a husband who will call me on my shit and remind me of who I am. I don’t have time for defects. I pray and I use my sobriety to keep on the level. I was told, the last time I worked my steps that defects and shortcomings don’t go away, they become less pronounced. Because we work every day, to rid ourselves of them, (by polishing the gem) …

I have an experience that none of my brothers an claim. I’ve been through a life journey that nobody I know in the rooms can hold a candle to. i was told i was going to die. I prepared to die, I worked my ass off, through Todd’s help to prepare my body and soul for death. It ain’t simple – it is quite cathartic.

How many people do you know who have faced mortality – into a death that was horrid and painful, and survived to tell the tale? I have friends who have battled cancer, none of whom died because of it, and are still alive. But outliving a disease that really had no treatment back then (for me) and death was imminent, the situation was totally different. At least Cancer can be treated and removed and radiated and chemo’d.

Facing ones mortality will change you forever in ways that mere mortal men and women have no idea. I don’t have the words to tell you how horrid it was, well, maybe I do, but I am not going to repeat them here at this moment.

Anyways, I’ve written enough and it’s dinner time.

More to come, stay tuned …


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