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Tuesday – It Doesn’t Happen Overnight !!!

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Courtesy: Daily Cute Boy

Another week, and the march to the end of the month proceeds. Several things have happened and they all point towards winter…

Last night I was reading a report online and it intimated that Quebec and Ontario would see snow by the end of the week. However, Environment Canada has yet to amend the weeks forecast to “snow or even flurries!”

It is currently 8c at this hour. A wee bit nippy. The TV people say we will hit the freezing mark this week for the first time in the season, but Environment Canada does not concur.

I decided to take the alternate transit to the church tonight. Instead of the bus, I took the Metro, because it is just up the street and drops me just a couple of blocks away from the Metro stop on that end. The transit took 40 minutes from end to end. About the same time it takes to make the run on the bus.

I walked through the mall on my way out and they are actively working on site, as new tiling is going in on the mezzanine entrance. I cannot figure out what they are doing behind all the new walls they put up in the last week. But the mall is changing by the day now, as we close in on the Big Reveal.

We sat a small and intimate group tonight. Most are familiar faces. And since we focus on 1,2 and 3, I went with Daily Reflections for the read.

It Doesn’t happen overnight …

“…The Big Book guided me in resolving all my problems. But it didn’t happen overnight – and certainly not automatically – with no effort on my part. I need always to recognize God’s mercy and blessings that shine through any problem I have to face.”

Our newcomers are working their steps diligently. And with the holidays coming up so soon, we are feeding them with all the knowledge and courage we can give them. Some will be traveling for the first time since they got sober to cities that are rife with alcohol, as is every place in creation.

It’s hard to send a newly sober person back home with a few months, and not worry that they might pick up. So all the work we are doing now for them may hopefully save their sobrieties.

It was a good night.

On the way home, one of my friends commented on my wedding ring, and he began talking babies … and he asked me if I was having a boy or a girl ???

And then asked about my wife … And I just said “I don’t have a wife.”

And slowly he looked at my other friends traveling with us on the bus and the light went on over his head – DOH !!!

Need I explain any more ?

I must have been giving off some kind of secret baby vibe.

See I could pull off straight if I had to. Because some of my friends seem to think I am straight. UGH !! As if !

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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