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I Spy with my little Eye …

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It is Halloween. And it rained … most of the day !

But the trick or treaters were out in force in Westmount this evening. The rain did not keep them from what they had in mind. It must have been a good haul for them. I watched them from the church steps hitting all the houses on the strip.

What a day it has been. It is Halloween, but I thought to myself this morning that it should have been Friday the 13th …

I had chores to do today. And I began with a little supermarket safari and to get some coin for laundry. So after filling my cart and going to check out, they rang up everything and when I went to pay … my Interac card would not work. There was money in the account, I just could not get the card to work.

They transferred my total to another register, and tried it again, no joy. So they tried it at a third checkout and still no joy. I tried swiping the mag strip and it would not register.

They set my groceries aside and I went home, which was just across the street, thank God. I called the bank and they said my card was working, but my account did not even show any activity that took place at the store. WTF ???

I went back to the store, and tried the card again. No business.

I then left the store and walked up the street to the bank and asked for a temporary card to do my shopping. It was there that they checked the card against their machine and said that the chip was bust.

They issued me a temporary card – but with a caveat. It would not work for 24 hours, which meant they had to give me cash from the account to pay for my shopping and get coin for laundry.

I walked back to the store and paid my bill and brought my food home.

Thank God that I live in this neighborhood. I am just a short walk from everything.

I did my laundry and cleaned up a bit and vacuumed. And then it was time for a power nap before departing for the meeting.

Half our group was a no show – some of our folks got stuck because they Green line went down just after dinner time, so nobody was going anywhere…

It was a small and intimate meeting and we shared on the Promises in Reverse. They are online, partially, but one needs a membership to the grapevine to see the entire reading, so I can’t post them for you. And I don’t feel like transcribing them into the system.

It was a nice night.

They are feverishly trying to finish the mall, they have been painting and tiling and building around the clock. I spoke to a friend tonight who said they might be revealing tomorrow, but i don’t think so, because the mall is not ready for the Big Reveal.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned…


One response

  1. Funny how the simplest little things that we come to rely on… like our bank cards… can fail us without warning. Glad to hear you handled it well. This to me is a gift of recovery in my life. I dont come uncorked as often when little things go sideways. Things can go sideways, but I usually dont.

    November 1, 2013 at 2:19 am

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