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Wind Storm and Darkness

serenity prayer

It has been a very blustery day. The winds have been whipping about the buildings and rattling the window frames all day. But they seemed to have steeled down at this hour.

I departed uber early which was good. Transit was off a bit, as I missed a train on my connection and had to wait for the next one. And when I reached Laurier the lights were still on.

As we hit the turn at the firehouse, things started to get dark. It seems that Parc was the determiner line for power. Because when we crossed Parc, there were no lights in the shops and looking out the front of the bus we couldn’t see anything in front of the bus.

And when we got to my stop just off of St. Viateur Church all the power was off. I walked around the church carefully, because the trees were all swinging in the wind, I almost knocked over a friend waiting there for someone else to show up.

We were three – with no lights – no coffee and no power.

We started calling folks to tell them the meeting was cancelled.

I departed back for downtown and the streets were all dark above Parc, and i didn’t want to wait in the dark for a bus driver who wouldn’t see me standing in the dark, so I walked to Parc and caught the 80 to Place des Arts.

It was a wasted trip …

It will be a dark night for thousands of people up in Outremont who don’t have power tonight.

More to come, stay tuned…


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