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I Fell Down a Staircase and Other Exciting Things

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It has been a bad day.

I had plans, but they got shot to hell.

I thought that I’d start laundry and go run a few shopping errands while my clothes dried. I went to get coin and came up and gathered my laundry. I take the elevator UP and I usually take the stairs DOWN.

My washing was finished and I went up to change them to the dryers. I was coming DOWN the stairs and I was coming down the 18th floor CEMENT staircase. I live on 17.

There was no issue with the stairs just a few twenty minutes ago. But on this second trip down, that was not the case. I was clipping along coming down and I hit a stair four or five steps from the bottom. There was water on the stairs.

My feet flew out in front of me, I was in the air, I came down on my back against the stairs first, and the wind got knocked out of my lungs, I couldn’t breathe. Then my head hit a stair and I cracked my skull open.

There was blood all over the place. I grabbed my head and it was bleeding profusely. I crawled into my apartment and went to the bath to rinse my head and there was blood all over the tub. I grabbed a towel and applied pressure to try and stop the bleeding. I went to the phone and called my office girl downstairs (it was an emergency) told he that I fell and hit my head and I was bleeding all over the place. I wasn’t sure I needed to go to the hospital, she sent up the super to check me out and there is an inch and half gash on the back of my head.

He said he didn’t think I needed a trip to the ER. Because really, you only go to the ER here if you are dying and never any other time.

I called hubby and asked him to stop at the pharmacy to get some supplies and he came home from work to follow me and make sure I didn’t faint or get sick, I don’t think I have a concussion. The bleeding finally stopped and I finished the laundry.

I have a huge lump on my back from the hit on the stairs, my elbows are bruised from the fall, they were killing me during the meeting.

I got a nap in for a few hours before I set out for the church. I haven’t had any other “head” problems to speak of.

Now on to something new and exciting …

The Great Reveal began today.

They have uncovered the Target store. There is a huge glass wall and overhead window that extends to the second floor (the mezzanine).

It looks good from the outside. I am not sure when they will be open for business, but it can’t be too far off.

They are tiling floor on the mezzanine level, I walked through on the way home. All that shopping I planned to do earlier in the day had to wait until this evening. And I went by two stores and did not find what I was looking for – oh well.

We sat a good number.

We talked about Letting Go and Letting God.

I can do that today. I can live in my day, 24 hours, I keep my expectations to a limit, and I don’t involve myself in other people’s drama, but I am concerned for them as friends. It is different.

It was a good night, after a frightful day.

Now we will see how long it takes for my head to heal. My body is very slow on the mending process, thanks to my HIV. I need something for my back because it is killing me. Maybe a rub and some Advil.


That is all.

More to come, stay tuned …


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  1. Wow, I’ve alway been told to go to the Hospital if you have any sort of head injury and not to sleep! You didn’t do any of those things and seem to be fine. 🙂 glad you are okay.

    November 7, 2013 at 9:50 pm

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