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Wednesday – The Great Purge of 2013

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Courtesy: ScottMalfoy

It is Wednesday and it is an off day. Nowhere to go, no meeting tonight. And I’ve been mulling over tasks to do here at home, since I have all this time.

Today Environment Canada has said there is snow coming “straight SNOW” for Sunday. Well, that all might change, the day is young.

We live in a high rise apartment building. and there are three solitary green bins in the basement for recycling, that’s all. The garbage goes in bags and down the chute on each floor. There is NOWHERE to throw trash out that needs to go anywhere …

There are two closets in our apartment, the hall closet which has coats, the vacuum, sorted things of mine and all of our Christmas decorations. Up to the ceiling. With not an inch to spare.

The other closet is in the bedroom, and all the clothes we own, fill shelves, and hangers, we even have clothes stacked on a work out bench against the wall IN the bedroom itself.

We’ve been hoarding things for years. I mean, really, where do you throw out massive oodles of garbage when you live in a high rise? We just stacked it on the balcony and covered it with a tarpaulin. And there, things we have had, used, and put out there for the last 10 years wasted away …

Stacks and stacks of school folders, books, files, you get it right?

I was reading “In the Footsteps of the Camel,” by Lorna Kelly. In this book, a collection of stories from her 32 years in sobriety, she talks about the clutterer …

And that letting go of needless things, material and other is something we come to in sobriety. We learn to shed all those things we no longer need. So the saying goes, “to lighten the load.”

We had a five foot stack of folders in the bedroom against the wall for ages. And along with the boxes upon boxes of goods on the balcony, there was a lot of trash.

And today was the day. It was all going to go, somehow …

I went up and started my laundry, and then went down to the office to see if I could get one of those industrial green bins that recycling goes in, in the basement. And she said no, but she would give me some large leaf bags to put my refuse in to take it down.

I transferred the laundry and went to work. I uncovered years and years of waste and wont, boxes and old coats, old paint cans and just SHIT !!!

I started bagging. At the end of that chore, I had filled 8 Bin Bags worth of refuse. They were bulging and ripped, and I carried them to the elevator and down to the basement.

I Stopped off at the office and got another handful of bags. The next task was the bedroom. I called hubby to ask him if he really wanted to keep his folders and old books, and thankfully, he said NO …

That was the answer I was looking for.

I filled another four bags with refuse. And carried them down to the basement. My first foray into de-cluttering was a success.

I was able to fix up my library of books I have collected over the years, and all the textbooks, school calendars, folders and crap are gone. Most of it from the balcony. So you can’t really see so much, but for the bedroom, what has been done.

I “passed the vacuum.” as Memere would say. I cleaned myself up a little because I was covered in dust and dirt. And by that time the laundry was done, so I went up and folded.

I made a run to the store for things we needed and had some lunch.

And as I’ve been typing here I’m sitting in a meeting, listening to Lorna Kelly speak. A woman I met from New York City at the West Island Roundup back in May.

So all in all it has been a very productive day. I’m happy.

The tree will be going up this weekend.


More to come, stay tuned …


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