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Friday … Beer Cans … It’s a Theme really !

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Courtesy: JoshuaUhl – Flickr Terminal 2

It is the end of the week. And as I predicted, The word Snow has been wiped from the forecast, hopefully Wednesday is our best bet, tonight, that is.

As for tonight? It is WET and COLD.

I was up early today, I slept a little better last night, but it isn’t 100% yet.  I talked to a friend tonight at the meeting and he says that dreams are the days problems pushing into our nights. My subconscious is giving me the willies.

I did some safari in the afternoon, because I nixed the nap for the day. And I decided to continue my purge. I spoke to our manager about all the clothes I had in my closet that need to go, so she is bringing me bins on Monday.

I came upstairs and began culling my closet. On one side is shelves stacked with shirts, pants and sweaters. When all was said and done, I had packed two huge boxes with clothes that haven’t been worn in at least a couple of years. Which gave me much more space to work with, with what we do wear on a weekly basis.

The piles of clothes that are sitting on the work bench will eventually get hung up on the hangers that I will liberate on Monday when I have a receptacle for the clothes I am shedding. Someone will make use of them, they are all good quality clothes. We don’t spend money on cheap clothing.

Once I finish the closet purge, the apartment will be complete. I’ve purged most everything that we don’t need, don’t use, or things that just have to go.

And in the end – we don’t really have that much – we’ve been good at not buying needless things. There is very little left that is in “storage mode.”

I got ready to go and departed around 6:15. A little earlier than usual, but I was traveling alone, and I needed some tune. I’m really loving me some Katy Perry … Over and Over and Over …

The transit was quick, on all the connections.

I didn’t check the weather, and I wasn’t carrying an umbrella. It wasn’t raining when I went INTO the Metro, but it was sure as shit raining when I came OUT of the metro. And it just kept raining all night.

I got to the church and the hall was bare bones, so I helped finish set up and wait for folks to show up. We had a good crowd.

The reading was titled… “Troublemakers Can be Teachers”

I’ve had my fair share of run ins with “trouble makers” in my years in the rooms here. I’ve seen fist fights, cursing, egos and attitudes. People I have learned to stay away from. But only ONE person in the city remains on my eternal shit list.

Yes, I know there’s a resentment there maybe. More for him than myself.

All it took was the placement of my hand on his head one night at a meeting. I had disturbed his personal space, and he almost slugged me. To this day, we rarely cross paths. If he comes to a meeting I am at he won’t acknowledge me and he never returns.

He hasn’t let it go.

Funny we read about troublemakers tonight. And at the beginning, I volunteered to read the passage. And as soon as I started, someones phone went off singing ,,, as I was reading … I kept reading anyway … I could hear the singing that wasn’t being turned off … and others were laughing openly.

Was that ODD or was that GOD ???

Someone read it again when the singing stopped.

It was a good night.

I started pondering what the theme of this year has been and what has changed and I have a particular idea, which will probably end up here soon.

On the way home, it was raining a bit more than I would have liked. I walked to the stop, thankfully, my toque kept my head warm and dry, and I had tunes. But I had to wait in the rain for a few minutes for the bus.

I got on that bus and was surrounded by several groups of kids carrying cases/boxes of beer to their certain destinations. In all I counted about 10 cases/boxes of beer in my vicinity on the bus and the train and in the stations.

I was like, really, REALLY !!!

I follow a certain young gay couple on twitter and You Tube. Over the years I have watched them share in open community their drinking escapades.

There is a problem, but they are always justified. any who …

I’ve shared my fears and got silence. So I let it go.

This past week was their big gay engaygement party in Los Angeles, with a party of who’s who in You Tube fame, at a private club. They sold tickets and all that stuff.

And in open twitter we all got a blow by blow of the party, and what happened during and after.

Actions happened, in a drunken stupor.

Which led to open apology to all those who the actions happened to.

Then the next tweet, the next day was …

“UGH, I am still hung over … Why is God doing this to me ???”
Nothing is sacred when you post it on the internet.

Someone has a drinking problem, that is apparent. But who am I to judge.

So I typed into twitter …

“that’s what copious amounts of alcohol will do to you. And that it was sad, you had to ask what you did the night before!”

There is an alcoholic in the making. And I hope and pray that their wedding is not a drunken affair, because that would be a real shame.

It’s L.A. there are parties. And alcohol and drugs, and we are young, so what’s the problem?

I am waiting for the crash and burn.

But for the Grace of God…

Anyways, that’s all for now.

More to come, stay tuned …


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