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25 Years and Other Things

tumblr_mrx5ut0Per1qajreeo1_500 bossyboysCourtesy:M Styles – BossyBoys

It was a milder night tonight, than it has been earlier in the week. But going into the weekend, it’s going to be a mixed bag, a little bit of everything for those who are inclined.

Today was touch up day for the bathroom. Yesterday they finished the bathroom, and I have to say I am very pleased with the results. The bathroom still retains the same dimensions, space wise, but the removal of the plastic liner opting for white tile, opens up the space, and the bathtub is a little larger than the one we had.

Seeing I could not shower last night, I took a bath. Something I don’t usually do, a shower is quicker. The bath seemed a little more luxurious in the wider tub. They put in a brand new drain. When they took out the old tub they also removed the old connection pipe and put a new one in its place, so the water does not “pool” in the tub when you shower. And the water drains much quicker now, where before it took a while for the water to drain, because it was not draining properly.

Now we have been told that the building folks are going to repaint the bathroom white. It should have been today, but I guess they weren’t up for it, and I really wanted the afternoon to myself, so I could take an extended nap, because for the last week, I haven’t been sleeping as much as I would have liked. I got that nap today. Boo-Yah !!!

I was up and out early because I had to make stops on the way out before the meeting. The mall is a very pleasant place to shop. There are not marauding hordes of shoppers. The planners did a good job is taking into consideration, traffic flows in the open spaces.

I set up and sat and waited for the guys to show up. We would be missing a few folks, and at 7:30 it seemed like it was going to be discussion amongst ourselves, then a couple more folks turned up, which made the whole meeting meaningful. We are attracting more folks from other meetings, who are returning over and over.

It was my bud’s 25th Sober Anniversary, and there was cake and conversation. Which was nice.

We read from Living Sober and “Avoiding Drinking Situations.”

I offered Lorna’s Epicurean Feast story from her book. The story about after 32 years of sobriety, going to an exclusive dinner and almost drinking, because the wine was so good and would enhance the pasta.”

In the end the take away was this:

At some point in every sober person’s journey, there WILL come a time when the only thing standing between You and a Drink, will be your Higher Power.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have, long or short, And you can’t prepare for it with just going to meetings. One has to have cultivated a relationship with a power greater than themselves that they can turn to when the moment presents itself.

It is the holiday season, and we see it every year, the lengths some people go to to avoid drinking situations. And we know what happens when trying to plan, one gets so overwhelmed that they go out and never return.

I’ve seen hundreds of people fall victim to the holiday temptation over the years. Some just can’t handle the prospect. But every year we work to prepare folks for the holidays.

Like I’ve said the time is ripe. Lots of folks come in before Christmas to be sober for Christmas, and the others come in on the First of January, as a new years resolution, to get sober because the holidays were a mess.

A few points of order:

  1. YES, you can always change plans.
  2. YES, if it overwhelms you, DON’T  GO
  3. YES, you can go, but also, you don’t have to go alone
  4. “I don’t like what I become when I drink.”
  5. “I’ve had enough!”
  6. “You don’t have enough alcohol for me!”

This is the last weekend before Christmas to get your shopping done.


More to come, it ain’t Friday yet.

And we are having a sober holiday party tomorrow night.

It will be festive.

More to come, stay tuned …


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