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Braving an “Ice/Snow” Storm for a Friend !!!

tumblr_lm5d60Hzy01qzhzruo1_500 flickr jamesclear

Courtesy:Flickr JamesClear

A winter storm warning has been in effect since dinner time. We are sitting at (-8c/-17c w.c.) at this hour. And it it is just past midnight now.

Snow has been falling for a number of hours, and it only will get worse as the hours tick by. This is my “Home Alone” weekend, as hubby took the 1 p.m. bus to Ottawa to visit his family for Christmas.

I always have problems filling the hours I spend alone. And add to that I have to feed myself as well. I never usually have to think about grocery shopping or cooking dinner because that is always taken care of.

So the other day I did a safari and bought all kinds of foods I think I might like to cook for myself. And tonight it was steak with a little veg.

I took an evening nap, since I had nothing better to do and at the end I was stuck in some horrid nightmare that the only way out of it was to get myself out of bed. And it still remained !!!

I redecorated the bathroom seeing it is all painted and pretty. Now my bathroom looks lived in and useful again. We were living in two room during the build / paint job.

I showered and then cooked some dinner whilst watching some Harry Potter, thanks to the Twelve Days of Spacemas …

Saturday is usually my off night. But I am home alone and needed distraction, so I suited up – muff, gloves, toque and jacket and my ranger boots, and headed off to the Young People’s Meeting just up the road from here. It is within walking distance, and that was good.

A good friend of ours took his 1 year chip tonight. We have watched him over the last year battle and scrape up time, and he was victorious. He is a different man today, thanks to the program and the folks in it.

It was good to go out and be seen and participate in a meeting.

The topic was spirituality. How do you, what do you, where do you?

And what’s with all this God shit ???

Higher Power (As We Understand Him)

G.O.D. Group of Drunks/Druggies

Three, Seven, Eleven shuffle …

Post them where you see them every day as reminders.

Lots of young people struggling to find God in any way, some have found him, but everybody there is willing to at least try.

And that’s a start.


more to come, stay tuned …


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