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Last Meeting of 2013 on the Last Day of the Year

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How do you ring in the New Year? Do you bar hop? or maybe be invited to a private party at someone’s home? Do you travel to an exotic city or maybe New York for the annual ball drop?

It is bitterly cold out in our fair city. We are in a deep freeze, so you must be hearty to be outside or travel tonight, because it is damn cold. We are sitting at (-18c/-26 windchill) at this hour. However it is not as windy as we expected, and we took longer routes to stay off the streets tonight.

Instead of taking the bus, the most direct route to the church, it was cold, like I said, and the hopes that the Westbound bus would be running in a timely fashion, after last week’s fiasco, we opted for the Metro and a short bus ride down the hill to the church from the opposite direction.

Since I had the keys, I had to leave early to open the church tonight. Taking the underground route is a little quicker and you avoid overland travel while it is bitter out.

Thank goodness for visitors. It was totally worth it to open the hall tonight, because they made the meeting special.

Why do you hit a meeting on a holiday? Of course, to see your friends. And you show up. Because that is what we do, even in the bitter cold.

There were cookies, and lots of coffee and a humble group of folks.

We read from A.B.S.I. # 88 Will Power and Choice.

“… As we continue to make these choices and so move toward these high aspirations, our sanity returns and the compulsion to drink vanishes.”

A bottom is the usual sign that you are finished drinking. It is experience that most people reach one at some point. And the holiday’s are some of the toughest times to get sober and stay sober.

Why get sober tonight? Of all nights to stop drinking.

The one night to kill all nights where drinking is concerned?

New Year’s Eve …

It is usually the day after, or the week after that people have had some serious drinking event on New Years that ends up becoming a bad memory – not a great event to log into your scrap book for eternity.

In 2001, the year where everything went wrong in the world, and where tragedy struck, I had several attempts at racking up some sober time, but in the end, it took almost all that year to reach my bottom.

I was not a daily drinker. So there was not a compulsion to drink every day. I had graduated to the one night a week binge drinking. But after several (not knowing how I got home from the bar after a bender) signaled to me that I was finished. And I got sober in the month of December this time around.

Christmas Eve 2001, was spent with fellows in a midnight meeting surrounded by friends. And New Year’s Eve was spent in the home of friends so we had some place to go that was safe and comfortable.

Once I put down the drink, like the drugs, I walked away from them and I did not go looking for them again. I knew I was done drinking, that the binge and not knowing was enough to show me that I had a serious problem.

Fast Forward 12 years …

Another year has passed. And I began the last day of the year, the same way I started the first day of 2013, In a Meeting. I went through my archives last night, looking for ideas to post a retrospective, but I’d rather the blog speak for itself.

We saw 24,000 views this year. That is a lot of people.

We saw a huge number of subscribers – always welcome.

We had a great little meeting tonight. I got to see my friends, and that is what matters right? On the way home we took the overland route, which is a bus ride across town to downtown.

Two stops up a freeloader got on the bus. You know them, the ones who get on the bus penniless, and pass-less. And some even wallet-less.

So this guy gets on the bus, and is checking all his pockets, he can’t pay the fare. But it is a holiday and the driver lets him ride. So you know these freeloaders who get on the bus and sit at the head as well, have this compulsion to run their mouths the entire ride, until they reach the stop where they are going to get off the bus.

God Give me Strength !!!

Let’s keep the driver busy in conversation so that he doesn’t see that I can’t pay the fare, and let’s talk to every other person on the bus and wish them a “hot woman” on New Years, and that we all get sex tonight, and assorted shit like that.

Most people get on the bus and they sit down and mind their own business or talk to each other or on their phones. But on the odd occasion, you get the freeloader who has loose lips !!!

It is almost 9 p.m. just a few more hours until the end of 2013.

I thank each and every one of you for coming and reading and following. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. And we will be here in the coming year, just as we have been this past year, sharing, writing, and exploring what some time “in” get’s you if you are persistent and you persevere.

Happy New Year from Montreal.


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