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Page 1 of 365 … 2014… In the Beginning

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Today, we all have 365 blank pages to write about our lives.

What is it that you will write this year ???

*** *** *** ***

The year 2013 went out like a lion. Much of Canada is under a dome of frigid cold across the board. Tonight we are sitting at (-20c/-28 w.c.) at this hour.

Today is the day we get to hear all the stories about what happened to most folks last night, how much they drank, and how hung over they are today. And we also will find out very soon, just how many folks make that admission/realization and come to the rooms, looking for sobriety, whether it be by their own choice, or by a spouses encouragement.

We will be here to welcome anyone who crosses our doorways.

*** *** *** ***

We bid goodbye to 2013 very quietly last night. And it turns out that in the past year many good things came to pass which set us up for a hopefully prosperous 2014.

We finally surmounted and conquered “Fear of people and of economic insecurities will leave us” after waiting almost twelve years to see that promise come to fruition.

It was a year of learning, and trusting. I came to know, trust and love my friends in new ways. They carried me when I couldn’t stand. And for the love of my friends, changes were made to insure that I would have quality time with each of them on a weekly basis.

Marriage is defined in how much you loved your hubby/wife/partner. It wasn’t the best year, but we attacked the bad and we succeeded.

This year I vowed not to let us sink into the mire of U.S. television again. There is just too much that rots the mind, and kills the spirit out there, and if it doesn’t have to do with living here, we don’t need to feed on it any more.

In the year 2013, I hit more than 200 meetings.
That is a total (roundabout – 2,496) meetings over 12 years.

I have grown up in many ways. I’ve learned how to be more assertive, yet, carry myself humbly. I’ve worked very hard at making my little world a little brighter for my friends and fellows. It has been a strong year for us here in Montreal.

We ended the year in a meeting, and we all went home to our families for the festivities. Aside from Party programming, there was not much else to watch. We un-boxed our wedding flutes for the midnight toast. And we toasted the New Year, and by 12:05 a.m. we were done with tv parties.

New Years has become such a non-event. Without all the friends I had as a young person and the dinner/party/parade event that was the Orange Bowl Parade and Dick Clark to ring in the New Year, it just isn’t the same.

Those times are long gone. But on the good side, all of those people who were there then are still around to celebrate on Facebook.

The day was quiet. Hubby is home from work today and we’ve just been farting around online. I did my laundry for the week, and it seemed many others had that idea as well. Which happened a random act of kindness to a neighbor I had never seen before. Everything is closed today, including some meetings, so no meeting tonight. But there will be one tomorrow.

Not a lot going on today. It is way too cold to be out and about on this frigid day. And that frigid is supposed to last for a number of days.

*** *** *** ***


And for the start of 2014 we get this reflection for today …

“I am a Miracle”

The central fact of our lives today is the absolute certainty that our Creator has entered into our hearts and lives in a way which is indeed miraculous. He has commenced to accomplish those things for us which we could never do by ourselves.B.B. pg. 25

At 4 p.m. today we watched some Touched By an Angel and the Petey episode. It is one of the most special episodes I have ever seen.

I always loved the annunciation…

“I am an Angel sent by God, to tell you that God loves you very much.”

For many years during the darkest time of my life, Touched by an Angel was my touchstone. And became participant in how I would live the rest of my life, where life decisions were concerned.

May your lives be filled with Love, Respect, Joy and Peace.

All my hopes and wishes for this the first day of 2014.


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