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Page 2 of 365 … Bitterly Cold Edition

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They warned us that it would be cold. And we are under a wind chill warning tonight. This is Manitoba like cold, to the bone. We are sitting at (-23c / -36 w.c.) at this hour.

I heard this said on Facebook a couple of days ago about the blank 365 pages available to us once the new year begins, and I am going to try and write every day for 365 entries on top of special posts and things of interest.

There will be a PAGE post and whatever floats my boat post on any given day. Some folks I read have a set style of posts per day and that particular type of post appears on its given day. I will endeavor to write more this year than last.

I got a call this morning from Lens Crafter’s that my glasses were ready for pick up. Paint me surprised, they told me ten days. So I called to confirm that they in fact were ready, and they were, and also they always tell folks 10 days for new glasses. I was happy nonetheless.

The weather is bitterly cold, so long as you stay out of wind. If the wind is against you, it is doubly cold. I set out for the metro wearing many layers which seemed to work.

My new glasses are fabulously BLUE.

It was the middle of the afternoon when I got back home so I was ready to go for tonight’s event. I called the super at the church at 3 o’clock to make sure the heat was on because when temps drop under minus 20, the system is supposed to turn itself on.

It did not tonight.

But when I got to the church the booster was on, but not the radiators. It was cold in the hall AGAIN. Needless to say I was pissed. I don’t know why we pay $100.00 a month in rent to have meetings inside a cold freezer.

A fair number of our number did not show, because of cold and other obligations so there were five of us.

We talked about resentments.

Holding a grudge is renting people space in your brain for free.

It isn’t very helpful.

We are powerless over people, places and things.

And just because some people have time, they are not necessarily sober.

What is it, why is it affecting me the way it is, what is my part in it and what is the (other’s) part in it?

Write it out and get it out.

It was a short meeting and everyone scattered home afterwards.

On the way out I had to make a stop at the pharmacy to pick up some pills and I got to the wicket and there were two gentlemen standing there withe a shopping cart FULL of shit. They won’t cash you (read: shit purchases) out at this particular wicket unless you are buying medication, USUALLY.

Obviously, the girl at the cash was checking someone’s cart full of shit that should have been taken to a wicket at the front of the store, rather than tying up a cash for purchases other than medication.

I was like, Really? REALLY ??? Are you kidding me?

I took my leave and decided to return after the meeting when there wouldn’t be anyone waiting. Which was the better choice.

All my laundry is done. I did safari earlier in the day and I was so happy to see that everything I put in my cart was on SALE ! Win Win Win !!!

It was a good day.

More to come, stay tuned …





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